My application

What Is the “My application”?

The “My application” is a portal that allows applications to be completed during the application sessions scheduled for Bocconi University’s degree programs.

The “My application” allows you to:

  • register for application sessions for programs you’re interested in
  • upload the documents required for admissions
  • check for communications from the University at any time
  • view selection results
  • in case of admission, complete the enrollment procedure

How Can I Register on the” My application”?

The following steps must be completed in order to register on the “My application”:
Step 1: Registration and activating an account
Step 2: Accessing the admissions portal
Step 3: Password recovery

Compatible Browsers

Applicants may complete the admissions application using  GOOGLE CHROME browsers ONLY (click HERE to verify the technical specifications and suggested browsers).

Advice for browser use: when accessing the “My application”, an "Authorization Error" may appear. In this case, a new window should be opened in the incognito browsing mode in Google Chrome. This should solve any problems and allow the system to be accessed.

My Application Guide to the online Application

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