Master of Science Programs 2020/21 AY

Selection process



The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an international standardized text held in English.
It is used by international business schools and universities in graduate and post-experience program admissions. The test has four sections:

  • quantitative reasoning section: it lasts 62 minutes and includes 31 multiple-choice questions that measure data sufficiency and problem solving skills
  • verbal skills section: it lasts 65 minutes and includes 36 multiple-choice questions which evaluate reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction
  • analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning section (the scores in these two sections are not required for admission to Bocconi.

The GMAT Official Score is required for the selection: in order to be evaluated you have to upload your Official Score Report on the Admissions Portal If you have only the unofficial score by the deadline of the session you are applying for, you can participate to the selection BUT , in case of admission, you will be asked to upload the Official Score on the Admissions Portal by the enrollment deadline. Please note that if the official score (uploaded during the enrollment period ) is lower than the unofficial one considered for the selection, admission and/or scholarship awarding could be revoked ( checks of the documents uploaded could be fulfilled during or after the enrollment period).

In addition, we kindly invite you to select “Bocconi University” as recipient of your test score.

For more information regarding the GMAT test and test centers in your own country please consult http://www.gmac.com/


The GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) test measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills that are not related to any specific field of study.
For the selection process, both verbal and quantitative sections will be considered, whereas the analytical writing is not requested.

For the GRE test, the Admissions Office will accept for selection purposes the "Examinee score report" but the report must include at least the full name/surname of the applicant and the two sections passed (Verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning).

A 600 GMAT Score (or a GRE equivalent to GMAT 600) is compulsory to enroll to Essec – Bocconi Double Degree Program. However, candidates that already meet this requirement during the selection phase, will be preferred.

For more information about it, please consult http://www.gre.org/

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