Master of Science Programs 2020/21 AY

Selection process

Entry Requirements

Applicants can enter the selection process if they acquire/have acquired a valid and recognized 1st cycle qualification (Undergraduate level). Check here those considered valid and recognized.

The qualification must be acquired by and no later than:

  • October 2020;
  • or the first graduation session available after the summer break, if available after October 2020.

Only for China MIM Program, the qualification must be acquired and submitted by:

  • June 2020 (International applicants)
  • July 2020 (Italian and Bocconi applicants)

Other information for International applicants

Preferential consideration for the admission is given to applicants whose undergraduate work is still underway or was concluded less than two years prior to the moment of application. Applicants with other profiles are considered subsequently.

Students enrolled in a Double Degree program should participate in admissions according to the first University of enrollment. For example: students enrolled in a Russian University for a Double Degree program with an Italian University should participate in the admissions process as an INTERNATIONAL Applicant

Other information for Bocconi applicants

For Bocconi applicants, no checks are required regarding additional educational debits as they originate from Università Bocconi’s Economics Path.

In addition, the selection criteria include meeting the curricular requirements and suitability of personal background to the specific MSc Program chosen.

2019/20 AY third year “In corso” students (please check the Download area) the definition of “In corso” Students) can participate in the Early Session if they have acquired at least 110 educational credits (out of those in the program structure for the first and second year of the program) by 31 July 2019, with a weighted average of at least 28/30.

Applicants who have acquired at least 110 credits (exams, internships and idoneità/tests are evaluated) can participate in the Student Career Session by April 2020.

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