Master of Science Programs 2020/21 AY

Selection process

Curriculum vitae and personal statement

Curriculun Vitae / Resumée

The curriculum vitae (CV) must include all information related to the applicant (including education, knowledge of languages and IT skills, any past or current professional experiences and other general information).

There are no preferences regarding the type of curriculum vitae to submit (e.g. European format or others).

Please note that reference letters are not taken into consideration for selection purposes.

Personal Statement

The personal statement must be addressed to the Director of the Master of Science program: normally it should be around 1 to 2 pages (indicatively no more than 4000 characters, spaces included) and be written in the language of the first-choice program.

If more than one choice is provided, one letter should be submitted, specifying the motivation for each Master of Science program in one file.

If applying for programs that are offered in two languages (e.g. Management in Italian and Management in English), the personal statement should be written in English.

As a suggestion, be honest and feel free to write also about yourself, describe your ambitions, individuality, skills and experiences.

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