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Early session

Master of Science programs a.y. 2019/20

Bocconi candidates

The student career completed at 31 July 2018 is element of evaluation for the Early session.

In corsoStudents   click here (.pdf) for the definition of “In corso” Students  can participate in the Early Session if they have acquired at least 110 educational credits (out of those in the program structure for the first and second year of the program) by 31 July 2018, with a weighted average of at least 28/30 (without rounding).

Educational activities (exams) will be considered with the grade expressed in thirtieths if they are set out in the program structure for the 1st and 2nd year of the program.
The following will be NOT considered in the calculation of gpa:

  • exams completed for Campus Abroad/Summer School by July 2018 but pertaining to electives in the 3rd year;
  • curricular internships already recorded if pertaining to the 3rd year of the program.

At the end of the online application for admission period, the Admissions Office will verify that everyone who has completed the enrollment application, has actually met the requirements. If requirements are not met, the application will be not considered.

The Admissions Commission will subsequently evaluate the number of applications meeting requirements, submitted for each Master of Science program.
If those applications do not exceed 60% of available spots, applicants will be admitted withount selection and offered the opportunity to proceed to the enrollment.

In the event that the number of applications exceeds 60% of available spots, the Admissions Commission will create an admission ranking (.pdf) and based on this, available spots will be assigned.
Please note that, considering the strong motivational aspect of the “CEMS-MIM”, “CHINA MIM” and “ESSEC-Bocconi DD Program” programs, candidates will bi evaluated regardless of the number of applications received.

Candidates not admitted can reapply in the second session "Career session".

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