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Curricular Internships

Bocconi Applicants - Career Session 2022-23 AY

Curricular internships will be considered for the purposes of the selection process, with one additional point out of 110 attributed, only if uploaded to the academic career with credits passed by 30 April 2022.

There are many parties involved: you, your company supervisor, the Internship Office, the Academics office. The time needed to complete the credit recognition procedure should therefore be carefully assessed.

Below is a short and non-comprehensive summary of the various steps to follow. Please check all steps with the appropriate offices and take action accordingly.

  1. The internship must be formalized, authorized and activated with the involvement of the Internship Office.
  2. The internship must be available in the study plan, after contacting the Academics Desk.
    The internship educational activity is NOT automatically present in your study plan, but you must enter it yourself (if you have not already done so, check the deadline – by January 2022 in any case – by which the study plan can be changed in this sense);
  3. The internship must end by 22/04/2022 or by 22/04/2022 the minimum duration required for curricular recognition must have been reached (if the intership is still ongoing).
  4. In anticipation of the end of the internship, both you and your supervisor must complete the evaluation form and both forms must be sent to the Internship Office; verify that this mandatory step has been completed successfully. The internship will not be recognized under any circumstances without the evaluation forms being sent and received by the Internship Office.
  5. Request your internship be recorded via Help&Contact before the deadline.
  6. The Internship Office will recognize your internship: contact the office to verify that the process has been completed successfully by the end of April 2022.

You can check for yourself if the internship will be taken into consideration for the purposes of the selection process by accessing your application for admission during a specific timeframe (approximately mid-May): it is therefore your responsibility to check your administrative and academic career position to verify whether it will be taken into consideration before publication of the results. You will then be able to verify any missing data with the appropriate offices.

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