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My application

Guide to the online admissions application

How Can I Get Ready to Complete the Admissions Application?

Required Tools

Before starting the admissions application, verify that you have the following available:

  • a desktop computer (with the Google Chrome browser installed)
  • a printer (some documents submitted in the “My Application” will need to be printed and completed)
  • a scanner (to save documents that you complete in PDF format)


Required Material

You should also have:

  • a complete transcript of your home university
  • a scan of a valid form of ID
  • a scan of any language and/or IT certificates
  • a scan of GMAT (or GRE) score
  • cv and motivational letter
  • the email received to confirm correct payment of the application fee (see the Focus On area for payment instructions)

You are not required to complete the admissions application in one sitting. You may reopen the “My Application” at any time before the deadline for the application session and continue working from the last screen completed.


Within the application session you are applying for, you’ll find several different areas:

  1. DATA Area and click on 'CONFIRM DATA'
  2. PRINT Area
  3. UPLOAD Area and click on 'SUBMIT APPLICATION'

We suggest you follow the order within each section and the order of the sections. Viewing and/or printing several sections depends on the previous sections.

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