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Making Changes to Information and Documents in the Online Admission Application

MSc Programs - Internationa Applicants

Not all sections (information and uploads) can be changed after submitting the online admissions application. Bocconian and Italian candidates are invited to check information at this webpage.

What Can I Change BY MYSELF?

The following information can be changed before the deadline for the admissions application:

  • Type of admissions test (GMAT/GRE)

What Can I Change by Contacting the OFFICE?

  • Personal information
  • Information relating to the University: specify the correct information that you would like to include and the information to be replaced
  • Choices of degree program

How Can I Request a Change?

For the changes listed above, you need to contact the Admissions Office by email, writing to mma@unibocconi.it and specifying the incorrect information that you would to change and the correct information to insert.
You must include your username in the subject of the email, please write: “USERNAME_application code_SURNAME”. The application code can be found next to the name of the application (for instance: B0102 Internationa Applicants – Winter session, B0301 Early Bocconi student session).
You also need to attach a copy of a valid ID to the email.

What Should I Do After Requesting a Change?

After sending the email, you will receive an automatic response stating that the request is being processed.
Within 5 business days after receiving your email, the Admissions Office will send you a notification in “My Application” to communicate if the change has been made automatically or if your admissions application has been re-opened to allow you to make changes by yourself.

If the admissions application is re-opened by the Admissions Office, it will be indicated as NOT complete. You will therefore need to complete your changes as soon as possible (and by and no later than the admissions session deadline) by following the steps below:

  • Mahe the changes
  • Check that all sections have been saved correctly
  • Confirm the information again by clicking on the “Confirm data” button
  • Close the application again by clicking on the “Submit application” button

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