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Master of Science Programs 2020/21 AY

Selection process

MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance

This new and challenging program allows a maximum of 50 students to spend the first semester of their first year at Politecnico di Milano, and the second semester of their first year at Bocconi. In the second year, courses will be offered by both universities.

Italian, International, Bocconi and Poltecnico di Milano applicants may apply for the program through the dedicated online application as outlined below.

Selection Process and Timeline: Application, results and enrollment

Applications will be administered by a joint admissions board of representatives from both Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano.

The decision will be based both on quantitative (test score/GPA) and qualitative (CV, motivational letter) criteria.

Elements of evaluation

Applicant category
Elements of evaluation
Bocconi and PoliMi applicants
  • GPA
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivational letter
Italian applicants (other Italian University - not Bocconi or PoliMi)
  • GPA
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivational letter
  • Bocconi test or GMAT/GRE
International applicants
(University abroad)
  • GPA
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivational letter
  • GMAT or GRE (compulsory)

The GMAT/GRE tests will be accepted for international applicants; the GMAT/GRE or Bocconi selection test will be accepted for Italian applicants.

Applicants with an undergraduate degree from Bocconi or Politecnico di Milano are exempted from taking any kind of test.

Before applying, check the entry requirements

  • for International applicants
  • for Bocconi applicants (Italian site or English site)
  • for Italian applicants: please pay attention, in particular to academic requirements related to the BSc degree field of study. 

When to apply

Update 7 May 2020: We inform applicants with the Bocconi test, that it will be held online on 27 May 2020. Further updates on date and time of the test, test format and all the necessary technical requirements will be published on our website starting from 18 May 2020 as well as promoted in a timely manner via our official channels.

Update 16 April 2020: We inform you that due to the ongoing health emergency, the deadline for the online application has been postponed to 13 May 2020, at 12:00 noon Italian time (GMT +1) for all candidates.

Online application period
Bocconi test online*
Published on My application Portal
Enrollment deadline
27 November 2019 –
13 May 2020
(12:00 noon Italian time GMT +1)
 27 May 2020
2 July 2020
(late afternoon)

15 July 2020
12:00 pm noon
(Italian time GMT +1)

*for Italian applicants only (not applicable to International applicants, Bocconi and PoliMi students)

Update 16 April 2020: in accordance with new regulations enacted by the National Government and by local civil and public authorities and considering a possible extension of the adopted measures up until May 2020, the Bocconi selection test date for admission to our Master of Science programs (ITALIAN APPLICANTS) has been postponed until further notice (indicatively, between the end of May and the beginning of June 2020), in order to implement the test in an online format.

How to apply

Applicants interested in applying for the program need to submit a specific application

Online applications must be submitted through My Application Portal. More information is available at Info for My Application


  1. In order to confirm your place:
    • enter the My Application portal and complete the enrollment procedure;
    • pay the first installment-advance payment

  2. Check the English language requirements on Bocconi and PoliMi websites: the requirement has to be among the ones accepted by Bocconi for Msc taught in english or by PoliMi https://www.polimi.it/fileadmin/user_upload/Studenti/Lingua_inglese/Table_4.pdf
  3. Please remind that you have to be awarded with your Bachelor degree by October 2020

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