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The Declaration of Value (DoV) is an official document (written in Italian) that confirms the validity of the diploma issued by the competent Italian Authorities (Embassy/Consulate/Italian Cultural Institute) in the Country to which the educational system of your University refers.

If you are studying, for example, in an U.S. University in Europe or Asia, the Italian Authority in charge will be the territorially competent Italian Consulate/Embassy in the United States.

When specially required in the admission “Result”, the Declaration of Value (DoV) is a compulsory condition for the enrollment.

The Declaration of value usually includes the following information:

  • legal status and nature of the awarding institution: the University awarding the diploma is legally accredited in the Country to which the educational system of your undergraduate University refers (nationally valid in the Country);
  • requirements needed for admission to the program ending in the qualification concerned;
  • legal duration of studies (i.e. Bachelor program 3-4 year long) and global workload in hours/credits;
  • validity of the qualification in the awarding country to academic and/or professional ends.

If you are asked to provide the Admissions Office with the Declaration of value, please note that this document should be related to your undergraduate academic path (Bachelor level) only and not to your Secondary School diploma, unless you are asked so by the competent Italian Authorities.

As alternative to the Declaration of value, if the home University of the student has adhered to the so-called “Bologna Process”, we can evaluate to accept the “Diploma Supplement Document”.

The Diploma supplement is not a further qualification, but a particular certification produced following a template which was agreed upon by the three principal international organizations of European breadth (The Council of Europe, UNESCO – Europe region, European Union). The European DS model envisages that it is drafted in two or more languages (the national language of the Country in question and at least one commonly-spoken foreign language, such as English), and that it provides a whole list of very detailed information.

The information is grouped into 8 categories, which run from the personal details of the qualification holder, to the level of the qualification itself, the curriculum (list of subjects and, if possible, their principal contents), the rights it bestows (utilization for further studies or in the workplace), to the type of issuing institution, and to an abbreviated description of the higher education system it belongs to.

We strongly recommend students to submit the declaration of value/diploma supplement to the Admissions Office as soon as they have it, uploading it on the My Application - Admission Portal.

It can also be sent it in advance to the Admissions Office by email to graduate.admissions@unibocconi.it. Moreover students will be required to bring the original document when they meet the Admissions Office at the end of August/ beginning of September 2020.

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