Master of Science Programs

2021-2022 AY

EARLY SESSIONBocconi applicants


Application Period
Results release date and beginning of the online enrollment period*
Mid July 2020 – 15 September 2020
27 October 2020


In order to participate in the Early Session, students must:

  • be enrolled in their third year of studies for the 2020/2021 ay
  • be “in corso” students
  • have completed and registered in their career at least 110 ECTS credits (out of those in the program structure for the first and second year of the program) by 31 July 2020
  • have a weighted GPA of at least 28 out of 30 (without rounding)

Exceptionally, moreover, for this academic year, those who, being "in corso" and having a weighted average of at least 28/30 (without rounding), have registered in their career at least 102 credits (among those provided in the study plan) can take part to the selection process.
Read in detail, in the following paragraphs, the selection criteria.

Selection criteria

In the "Early session", the element of evaluation is the student career as 31 July 2020.

The participation in the "Early session" is reserved to the "In corso" students (For the definition of "In corso" students, please refer to the document available in the “Attachments” area).

Students are also required to have obtained at least 102 credits (out of those in the program structure for the first and second year of the program) by 31 July 2020, with a weighted average of at least 28/30 (without rounding).

Please note that the weighted average taken into consideration for admissions purposes might be slightly different compared to the one shown on "Punto Blu". This is due to the fact that, for admissions purposes, exams divided into modules are considered separately. In the calculation of gpa will be considered Educational activities (exams) with grades expressed in thirtieths included in the Study plan for the 1st and 2nd year of the course. Therefore, it will not be taken into consideration, for instance, curricular internships already recorded if pertaining to the 3rd year of the program.

Ranking Definition

At the end of the application period, the Admissions Office will verify that all those who have submitted the application comply with the above-mentioned requisites. Students who do not fulfill them, will not be considered for the "Early session".

The Admissions Commission will subsequently evaluate the number of applications meeting requirements, submitted for each Master of Science program.

If those applications do not exceed 60% of available seats, applicants will be admitted without selection and offered the opportunity to proceed to the enrollment.

In the event that the number of applications exceeds 60% of available seats, the Admissions Commission will create an Admission ranking (please find more details in the dedicated paragraph ) and based on this, available seats will be assigned.

Please note that considering the strong motivational aspect for the “CEMS MIM”, “CHINA MIM” and “ESSEC-Bocconi-DD” programs, candidates interested on these courses will be evaluated regardless of the number of applications received. For this reason, candidates interested in these programs must provide specific documentation (statement of motivation and video interview). Candidates not admitted can reapply in the "Career session" (the application can be submitted approximately in the period February - April 2021).

Admission Ranking

For the Early Session, the admissions ranking is created only if the number of applications exceeds 60% of available spots, and only for the program(s) that exceed this limit.

It means that candidates will be admitted if the total number of applications received for their first choice program is lower than 60% of available places (regardless of the number of registered credits).

Otherwise, an admission ranking will be defined

The students who are highest in the ranking and have earned at least 110 credits will be admitted (on a quantitative basis) without further evaluation.

The last 20% of available places will be assigned by evaluating twice as many applicants compared to the places to be assigned, including applicants who have earned at least 102 educational credits.

Evaluation of profiles in the ranking will be completed by the Master of Science Program Director who, in the overall assessment of profiles, may take into account both the weighted GPA and the credits recorded and a qualitative assessment resulting from examining the CV/résumé and personal statement provided in the online application.

Applicants who have been deemed not admitted to the first choice program will be considered for their subordinate choices (if expressed), following the aboveindicated procedure

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