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Justin Frosini

Program Director

Italian and international businesses and institutions are demanding an increasing number of junior profiles for the legal professions. They are looking for law graduates who are ready to enter the job market after a first-level degree, who have an international background and are interested in an international career in innovative legal professions.

When you graduate from the BA in Global Law, you will thus be ready to meet the demands of the market right after graduation, if you choose to do so.

It’s a flexible program: you will choose a “law in action” experience, a practical application of theoretical knowledge through an internship or pro-bono legal clinic. You can also tailor your curriculum during your third year and choose your path after graduation. Whether you enter the job market or continue your studies – further developing your legal skills with a post-graduate program or broadening your knowledge with a MSc in the areas of economics and management – this BA is a great start for a successful career.

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