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Single Courses for Visiting Students

2019/20 AY

Università Bocconi gives international students the opportunity to take courses at Bocconi on fee-paying basis.

Information on the Single Courses Program

  • Only students who are currently enrolled or already graduated in a University abroad can apply to the Visiting students/Free-movers program.
  • No further elements of selection are set and there are no limits to the number of students or graduates enrolling as Visiting students for single courses.

Single courses available

Students are offered a wide range of courses to choose from, including both the undergraduate and graduate portfolios. The list of courses taught in English for the SPRING semester 19/20 is available in the Download area.
Candidates interested in courses taught in Italian language are invited to get in contact with the Admissions Office in order to check the availability.
The courses’ programs in details are available at this page.
Students cannot choose more than 60 CFU/ECTS per year.


The Single Courses Program will not be activated for fall semester 2020/21 ay

Information on spring semester 2020/21 ay will be available starting from November 2020


Fall semester
Spring semester

10 July - 28 August 2019
(h.12:00 noon Italian time GMT+1)

27 November 2019 - 15 January 2020
(h.12:00 noon Italian time GMT+1)
courses choice and payment
2 - 12 September 2019
22 January - 12 February 2020
Classes starting date
5 September 2019
5 February 2020

Visiting students attending both semesters will have to pay the registration fee and submit the online application twice.

Single Courses: how to apply and enroll





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