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Single Courses for Visiting Students

AY 2021-22

Bocconi University gives international students the opportunity to take courses at Bocconi on fee-paying basis.

Only students who are currently enrolled or already graduated in a University abroad can apply to the Visiting students/Free-movers program.

No further elements of selection are set and there are no limits to the number of students or graduates enrolling as Visiting students for single courses. Applicants are evaluated based on their overall profile.

Due to the ongoing health emergency, Bocconi has decided to offer visiting/free mover students a Virtual semester, that will be held entirely online.

Considering it will be an entirely virtual semester and that Bocconi has evaluated that the campus will be at its full capacity next semester, travelling to Milan and being on campus is not foreseen. This means that students enroll in a visiting student/free mover program won't have access to Bocconi facilities (residence halls, classrooms, library, etc.). 

Single courses available

Students are offered a wide range of courses to choose from, including both the undergraduate and graduate portfolios.

The list of courses available for visiting students for AY 2021-22 will be available in the Download area from Early July. Meanwhile, applicants can refer to the list of courses available for AY 2020-21, considering that it might change slightly form year to year*

Courses will be offered with in-distance learning option, meaning that students will be able to attend class remotely.

Courses contents and class timetables will be available from July.

Students can choose no more than 60 CFU/ECTS per year.

*Update: in the download area you can find the full list of courses that (would) have been available for AY 2020-21 (since the 1st semester has been cancelled and the 2nd has been offered online), to get an idea of the courses that are usually available for visiting students. 

Application  process

Fall Semester
26 May 23 June 2021
(h.12:00 noon Italian time GMT+1)
Feedback from Admissions Office
Late June
Course Choice
12 July — 30 August 2021
Trial week
(beginning of 1st semester)
6 — 10 September 2021
(Add/drop/change period and fees payment)
6 — 14 September 2021


Application step by step


  1. Register on "MyApplication" portal

  2. Fill in all the data sections and click on "submit data"
    You will be required to enter your personal data, contacts and information on your academic curriculum

  3. Download, fill in, and sign all the documents available in the "Print Area"

  4. Pay the €200.00 registration fee on Paytool

  5. Scan and upload all the documents, then click on "submit application"

Bocconi Store (e-Commerce)

In order to pay the registration fee and the credits for the courses, you have to use Credit Card via the online Bocconi Store

  • Access the Bocconi Store with the same username and password used for MyApplication;
  • Select the payment for the registration fee (€ 200.00) and upload the receipt in the dedicated section on MyApplication;

Visiting students attending both semesters will have to pay the registration fee and submit the online application twice. 

Course choice

Once the applicants have received a positive feedback from the Admissions Office, they should enter their application for choosing their courses.

They can select up to 8 courses they might be interested in and would like to take.

The list of courses available for visiting students for AY 2021-22 is available in the box "Download" on this webpage. 

For the first semester, courses can be taught in different modalities: 

  • BASIC: classes will be both streamed synchronously and recorded (recording available until 23:59 of the following day)
  • BLENDED: the course has a hybrid model, both synchronous and asynchronous
  • ONLINE: the course is entirely virtual (asynchronous). 

Visiting students can have access to any of the courses available on that list. 

During the trial week (6-10 September) it will be possible to attend online classes and decide which courses are preferred.

By 14 September, students will be required to re-enter their application for their final decision which courses to confirm, to drop and/or to change and pay the fees accordingly.
Course change requests received after 14 September will not be considered.


In order to complete their enrollment, applicants need to access MyApplication portal from 6 to 14 September in order to:

  • Confirm their course choice

  • Pay the fees related to the amount of credits for the courses chosen through the Bocconi Store:
    • Select "single courses" and add the number of credits according to the courses you have chosen (€ 170.00 for each credit). Save and print the receipts of payment.

  • Upload the receipt of payment for your courses on MyApplication



Information on applications for Spring Semester 2021-22 will be available in November.

Applications usually open in late November/Early December and the semester starts in early February.


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