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NetStorage Service

Provided you're connected through WebVPN, NetStorage is a browser-based online service that allows access to files and folders on network servers even from a PC outside the university network, e.g. from home through a network provider.

NetStorage does not allow access to local disks on PCs (e.g.: C: , D: ).


To access service, log in through: http://netstorage.unibocconi.it/

NetStorage allows to:


  • Create new folder
  • Delete files or folders
  • Rename files or folders
  • Files Upload
  • Files or folders download
  • View files or folders properties
  • Send a file via e-mail
  • Copy/Move files or folders

Note that not all the above mentioned operations may be available on behalf of access control list assigned to users and groups on files and folders.

A list of all available network disks is displayed once logged in using the single-sign-on account for network or e-mail as follows:


The left pane is used for navigation purposes through server disks and folders; the right pane is aimed at viewing/selecting files and folders.

Network disks are labeled as DiscoX@YYYY, where X is the network disk label letter (G:, I:, ...) and YYYY is the starting point folder.

Usually, G unit contains personal data whereas I or S contains shared files.

Select the ? icon on the menu bar to open the Operating Guide.


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