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This area is to be used only by students who:

withdrew from Bocconi studies,

— by former visiting students (single courses),

— by disqualified students

and who wish to request certifications regarding their university career.

WARNING! All students and graduates must access their yoU@B Diary to request certifications, for furher info check the appropriate page and they don't have to follow the instructions below (as a consequence, they do not have to send any forms or payment receipts).

Università Bocconi, in compliance with Italian current regulations, issues certifications with duty stamp “marca da bollo”. The certifications issued by public administration offices as regards status and personal information are valid and can be used only in relations between private parties. In relations with the public administration and public services managers, certifications and official deeds (notarial deeds) are always substituted by self-declarations.The Guide to the University of the current academic year contains all detailed information.


To help those people who DO NOT have credentials to access the yoU@B Diary, a special procedure to request certificates has been introduced.

NOTICE! Whether you wish to have the certification sent or collect it yourself  and/or delegate someone to collect it), the procedure herein described is the only way possible to request certifications besides using the yoU@B Diary .

A list of certifications that can be requested is included in the request form.

It is necessary to consider at least 4 working days for the issue of the certification following the date when the request form is sent.

4  steps to follow:

Step 1 - count
Define the number of certifications to be requested to calculate the amount to be paid. To figure out the total amount to be paid you must add:
- € 16,00 (stamp duty ‘imposta di bollo’ for the request)
- € 18,00 for each certification requested (stamp duty ‘imposta di bollo’ for the request + administration fees)
- any costs for the delivery through express services, if requested; the cost is depending on the delivery town and can be viewed by the applicant when making the delivery request.

 For example:

  • the request for 3 certifications sent through express delivery costs € 16,00 (request) + € 54,00 (for 3 certifications) + for a total of € 70,00
  • the request for 3 certifications sent through express delivery costs € 16,00 (request) + € 54,00 (for 3 certifications) + €  cost for the express delivery service

Step 2 - choose the collection method
The certifications can be:
-  collected by the interested party or a third party upon showing a valid ID document at the Academic Services Desk (Piazza Sraffa 13, II floor, room 218, entrance through the One-Stop Service Center only);
-  delivered to an address specified on the request form. The delivery can be made through National Post Service (free delivery) or express services (delivery cost to be paid by the applicant); in this case the cost is depending on the delivery town and can be viewed when carrying out the payment for the certifications.

Step 3 -pay 
Access buycert@B to pay the total amount (duty stamp ‘imposta di bollo’+ cost for the certification+ any cost for the delivery through express service).
Complete the transaction with credit card  (WARNINGNO other forms of payment will be accepted. Payment MUST be made ONLY via buycert@B).
Once the transaction has been completed, an email with the receipt and request form in attachment will be sent.
NOTICE: the code of the transaction specified on the receipt is essential to complete correctly the whole procedure (see step 4).

IMPORTANT: The applicant must insert the transaction code (step 1) in the request  form.

Step 4 -send 
Fill out the form you received (see Step 2) in detail. The form can be downloaded from here.
Send via email to buycert@unibocconi.it  or by fax to the number 0039 02/58362041:
        - the request form filled out in detail;
        - a photocopy of the applicant's ID document;
        - payment receipt. 
IMPORTANT: The applicant must insert the transaction code (step 1) in the request  form.


We remind you that, as a general guide, the certification requested will be issued in the 4 working days following the date when the request form is sent. After the documents sending, the delivery timelines EXCLUSIVELY depend on each single service provider chosen.



  1. Do not use forms of payment different from buycert@B: this is the ONLY one allowed to request certifications.
  2. To correctly complete the transaction you must have an e-mail address to which the payment receipt and the certification request will be sent.
  3. Remember to keep the e-mail  as confirmation of payment: in the certification request form you will be required to insert your transaction code.
  4. The forms must be sent to the respective office ALWAYS together with a copy of the ID document of the applicant making sure that the signature is visible. The forms may be sent in one of the following ways:
    • via e-mail to buycert@unibocconi.it: in this case both documents must be attached after scanning)
    • via fax to the number 0039 02/58362041.
      Incomplete requests WILL NOT be taken into consideration.      
  5. Once the certifications are ready they can be:
    • Sent to the address specified on the request  form.
    • Collected up at the University (Academic Services Desk) by the applicant or an authorized party. When collecting the document, the authorized party must show:  
      • delegating paper signed by the applicant;
      • copy of the applicant's ID document;
      • one’s own ID document.   
  1. Remember that for each request a €16,00 stamp duty ‘imposta di bollo’ is applied (to be added to the cost of the certifications themselves - see step 1); we therefore suggest you to group as many certifications as possible in one request. By doing so, you will avoid paying the above stamp duty many times over.


you have mistakenly bought more certifications than you need?

You can  use a 'bonus' and submit the request to issue the 'extra' certifications in a subsequent moment. Warning!!! In any case you must  indicate the transaction code of the payment you have already made on the request form  (which has to be sent once again following the procedure described in step 3). This is the only way the paid certification can be issued, after the information  has been verified by the appropriate offices.   

the list on the form doesn't include the certification you need?

Send an e-mail to buycert@unibocconi.it to know whether or not the certification you need can be issued.

you cannot make the payment, someone else can make it for you?

Yes, but carefully consider whether or not to insert the applicant's e-mail address or of whoever is making the payment since that will be the address used to send the receipt which contains the transaction code and the request form.
NOTICE: In any case, the applicant must sign the request form as well as the delegating paper if the certification is to be collected by a third party.

you cannot  fill out the request, can someone do it for you?

No, the request  must always be signed by the applicant and confirmed by a copy of his/her ID document which must be attached.

you cannot succeed in carrying out the payment of the certifications as your tax code ‘codice fiscale’ is already included in the University database?

It means that you can request the certifications by using the cert@B procedure available on your yoU@B student Diary. If you do not remember your access credentials you simply need to click on  Password Recovery function (available in the yoU@B login page) in order to create a password and access the yoU@B Diary. If you need to recover the Student ID number too, please before click on Student ID Recovery and later on Password Recovery.

For more information on cert@B please check the contents published on the Guide to the University.


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