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English Soft Skills Workshops

English Soft Skills Workshops

The Language Center offers workshops to help students improve their soft skills in English, important for their professional development.

The workshops are taught in English; therefore, a minimum B2 level (upper-intermediate) is strongly recommended.

It will be possible to join the workshops in distance learning, by connecting remotely and following the streaming of the lesson held in the classroom.


For the syllabus, please click on the following link.

Calendar a.y. 2020-21

1st Semester 2020-21

1. Persuading in English
Structuring your argument; Improving your delivery; Making an elevator pitch
3 October 2020119:00-11:00
2. Negotiating in English
The language of negotiations; Understanding your counterpart
3 October 2020 1111:20-13:20
3. Getting the Internship in English
Writing effective cover letters; Interviews; Phone interviews
10 October 2020 11 9:00-11:00
2nd Semester 2020-21

4. Writing Short in English
Choosing the right words; Building effective sentences; Improving your emails
6 March 2021Virtual9:00-11:00
5. Team Work in in English
Listening effectively ('bottom up listening' and 'active listening' strategies); Taking your turn (communication strategies)
6 March 2021 Virtual 11:20:13:20
6. Giving Presentations in English
Building your presentation; The language of presentations; Presenting your data
13 March 2021 Virtual 9:00-11:00

Workshops are scheduled on Saturday mornings. Each workshop lasts 2 hours.

Enrollment for 2nd Semester 2020-21

Via yoU@B Diary ('sign-up for various activities' box), from 11 to 23 February 2021.

Workshops are open to students enrolled in Bachelor, MSc, Law, University Master and PhD programs in Bocconi.

Students will receive a message in their yoU@B Diary after the registration period to communicate the outcome of the enrollment procedure (admitted/non admitted to the course).

Available places per workshop: up to a maximum of 45 students.

Attendance Certificate

Students who positively participate in the workshops will receive a message containing instructions for the collection of their attendance certificate. The attendance certificate is issued upon attending 100% of each workshop.

Presence in class is registered through Attendance procedure.

The pin code to record your presence with the Attendance procedure must be entered in the classroom/virtual classroom in the presence of the faculty member who handles the recording. For "Attendance", presence for the entire duration of the activity is intended. In case of an improper use of the Attendance recording procedure by students - e.g. entering the pin to record attendance while outside the classroom, unexcused exit from the classroom before the end of activities - a disciplinary sanction equal to a six-month suspension from exams/graduation will be given to the student.

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