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Supplementary Activities


The Language Center organizes free courses for Bocconi students, specifically

  • Language and culture courses
  • Introductory language courses
  • Courses to prepare international certifications, for both curricular and extracurricular languages
  • Workshops for enhancing students' academic and professional skills in English (Soft Skills Workshops)
  • A short online course to learn the basics of Italian language (Italian Survival Course)


Courses are open to a limited number of Bocconi students of all Programs, University specialized Masters  and PhDs, except for Italian Survival Course online that is open to 1st year students (BSc, MSc, Masters) and Double Degree Incoming students with unlimited places available.

Students can enroll only through you@B Diary, on “sign-up for various activities” box Before signing up, it is advised that students read carefully the courses’ complete calendar in order to avoid possible overlaps with other lessons and activities.

It is possible to cancel one's enrollment within the deadlines that are published online only through the you@B Diary. Other cancellation requests are not allowed.

It is not possible to admit students who have not completed the registration accordingly.

Available seats

Details for each course are published online in the corresponding page (“Course details and calendar”)Enrollment will be confirmed through a message in the yoU@B Diary before the courses start.

Attending and obtaining attendance certificate

Courses do not grant any credit or additional points for graduation. There is no exam at the end of the courses.

Students who attend at least 75% of the total hours of the course * obtain an Open Badge.

Presences are recorded through the Attendance procedure at the beginning of each lesson. The code is valid for 10 minutes, at the end of this period the attendance is not considered.  Students are not allowed to leave the class before it ends. An improper conduct is punished according to the Università Bocconi honor code. 


  • English Soft Skill Workshops require 100% attendance.
  • Italian Language Survival Course (online asynchronous) does not require attendance registration and the Open Badge is not provided.


If a student does not attend at least 25% of the total hours of the course*, he/she will be blacklisted. This means preventing from attending courses organized by the Language Center in the following semester.

Being blacklisted twice, students will be prevented from all courses organized by the Language Center.

*Exceptions: t
here is no blacklist for Italian Survival Course.

Calendar and Details

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