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online self-study materials

Learning a foreign language requires steady effort and commitment. In order to prepare well for a language exam, it is important to regularly attend classes, as well as practicing the language through personal study and self-learning.

In order to support the self-study activities, Bocconi Language Center offers useful multimedia tools in its Language Laboratory.  For repeating students there are online materials available on the University e-learning platform.

Online materials include:

  • Assignments
  • Self-study
  • Professional Documents
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Mock Exams

Access to BBoard:

In order to login into the e-learning BBoard platform, even off campus, you simply need an Internet connection and your personal user ID and password:

e-learning (BBoard) 

The available courses are listed on your BBoard home page. By clicking on the relevant item, the material becomes ready for consultation.

For information about how to request activation and how to use online courses/materials, please contact the e-learning Service only through the Help&Contact procedure available in the yoU@B Student’s Diary.

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