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Merit Awards: Spanish language courses in Spain

For distinguished achievement and consistency in studying Spanish during a.y. 2020-2021, the Language Center will award the best students who would like to improve their language skills through a language course in Spain.


The language courses given as a reward are organized by the Fundación para la difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española, Valladolid, with Instituto Cervantes’ accredited recognition in Spain. In particular, the awards are 10 scholarships for a two-week general language course (20h per week), which includes theoretical classes, practical conversation and cultural guided tours

Awards target

Students are eligible to enter for the award:

  • If they are enrolled in the 1st year of MSc programs for the a.y. 2020-21 and have Spanish language in their study plan
  • If they completed the tests administered “in itinere” in March and May 2021
  • If they actively participated in the lessons, completing the tasks and activities held in class
  • If they passed the first partial exam during the exam session of June 2021

Courses given as a reward are accessible only between July and December 2021. Moreover, scholarships will be provided in accordance with preventive measures against Covid-19, if the current health emergency allows it.

Students who want to apply to get the scholarship for these courses must be free from other academic commitments (participation in exchange programs, internships etc.) during the period mentioned above.

Selection of the awarded student

In order to assign the merit awards, the Language Center will work out a ranking list of students based on the aforementioned criteria and in particular:

  • Average score of the two “in itinere” tests, passed in March and May 2021
  • Positive participation in the lessons assessed by the teacher for completion of tasks and activities held in class
  • Score of the partial exam passed in June 2021

How to apply for the merit award

For a.y. 2020-21, students can apply from 26 April to 9 May 2021 filling the online form, available during the above-mentioned period at the following link.

Application form (online from 26 April to 9 May)

Ranking results

The ranking results will be communicated through the Help&Contact procedure available in the yoU@B Diary, after the partial exam of June 2021 and no later than 18 June.

Students who are not selected as winners will be included in a waiting list. In case of withdrawals, they will be contacted by the Language Center through Help&Contact procedure, in order of ranking.

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