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Effective Thesis Writing Workshop

The Language Center offers a new workshop for students to improve their academic writing skills in English.

The Effective Thesis Writing Workshop looks to help students manage the challenge of preparing their thesis in English.

In the Workshop students will work on:

  • Developing your general outline
  • Communicating your research results
  • Presenting your conclusions
  • Constructing an effective introduction
  • Improving your language and style
  • Preparing your abstract

The workshop is taught in English; therefore, a minimum B2 level (upper-intermediate) is strongly recommended.

The Effective Thesis Writing Workshop is offered both in the first and second semester.


For the complete syllabus, please click on the following link.


Effective Thesis Writing Workshop  session 1
2 March 2019N049:00-11:00
Effective Thesis Writing Workshop  session 29 March 2019N049:00-11:00

Workshops are scheduled on Saturday mornings. Each workshop lasts 2 hours.


From 30 January to 10 February 2019

Courses are open to students enrolled in MSc programs in Bocconi.

Registration for the workshops can be carried out through the YoU@B student diary (‘Sign up for various activities’ box).

Students will receive a message in their YoU@B after the registration period to communicate the outcome of the enrollment procedure (admitted/non admitted to the course).

Available seats per workshop: up to a maximum of 30 students

Attendance Certificate

Students who positively participate in the workshops will receive a message in their YoU@B containing instructions for the collection of their attendance certificate.

The attendance certificate is issued upon attending at least 75% of the whole workshop.

All language classes use the Attendance procedure for registering students’ presence in class.

The pin code to record your presence with the Attendance procedure must be entered in the classroom in the presence of the faculty member who handles the recording. For "Attendance", presence for the entire duration of the activity is intended. In case of an improper use of the Attendance recording procedure by students - e.g. entering the pin to record attendance while outside the classroom, unexcused exit from the classroom before the end of activities - a disciplinary sanction equal to a six-month suspension from exams/graduation will be given to the student.

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