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Getting Around

Please check out this link if you want to know more on how to get to Milan.


Milan public transportation system is managed by Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) and offers 5 metro lines and several tram and bus lines. More information on how to get around the city with public transportation as well as on tickets at this link.

ATM tickets can be purchased directly on a tram, bus or metro contactless with a credit or a debit card. More information on the ATM website.

Students can apply for an ATM transportation card, an electronic, rechargeable pass which allows you to travel throughout the Milan urban area by ATM subway, buses and trams. ATM offers different kinds of cards in order to meet all travelers' needs, including a monthly, unlimited pass.

Please visit ATM website for more information.


In the last years Milan has embraced several sharing mobility services by pursuing a more sustainable and livable city lifestyle.

> Further information on car sharing can be found at this link.

> Students can find how to use bike, motorscooter and kick scooter sharing apps at this webpage.


Students who wish to explore Milan by car can find useful information on parking and traffic restrictions and regulations at this link.


Milan cabs are white. Late night, Sunday and extra-luggage surcharges are applied. Not every taxi accepts credit cards, we suggest to verify in advance. If in doubt of the price, ask the driver for an estimate before getting in (for booking: Radio Taxi 02 8585; Taxiblu 02 4040 or Yellow Taxi Multiservice 02 6969).
There are fixed fares from and to the airports, more info


The main stations in Milan are Stazione Centrale, Milano Rogoredo and Milano Garibaldi. Remember to get your ticket before your journey as ‘on-board tickets’ are subject to a surcharge. Remember also to validate your ticket by stamping it through the validating machines at the track platform or around the stations. Expired or not validated tickets are subject to fines. If you did not validate your ticket, contact immediately the ‘on board’ representative.

Further info on how to move around Milan on this YesMilano webpage.


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