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How to apply

Exchange/CEMS/THEMIS Students

IMPORTANT: please check the following webpage to learn more about Covid-19 measures that have been exceptionally taken in the Bocconi Residence Halls.

If you are going to spend a semester at Università Bocconi as an EXCHANGE, CEMS or THEMIS student you have the chance to apply for accommodation in Bocconi dorms.

Rooms for incoming exchange students are single, with bathroom to be shared with another student of the same gender. The dorms available and the fees change every semester. They will be announced in the online application.

Incoming exchange students are not eligible for reduced rate housing.

Due to some restrictions established each year by the Municipality of Milano, the heating and the air conditioning are centralized and active only in specific periods and time slots, and above or below certain temperatures.



You will have to login to the online application (available from October 28th to November 4th, 2020 for Spring 2021) in order to complete your housing request.
You need your PIN and PASSWORD, which will be sent to you and your home school exchange coordinator, in order to apply online through the online Exchange Application.

There is no guarantee of housing in Bocconi Residence Halls for incoming exchange students. Availability of housing on campus is very limited and rooms are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. For this reason we recommend that you complete your housing application as soon as possible to help you to ensure a place in a residence.

The higher number of dorms you include in your application, the higher chances you have to be assigned a room, but take into account that you might be allocated to any of the selected dorms. After the housing assignment, no switches between dorms are allowed and students are automatically removed from the waiting list.

Arcobaleno Residence is partly dedicated to incoming exchange students while the number of rooms available in the other dorms is very limited. Please consider this when applying.

The application deadline for Spring 2021 is November 4th, 2020. Your housing application will be processed only after the payment of a 400 euro deposit. The payment of the deposit can be completed only by credit card through the online application (there is no possibility to pay by wire trasfer or with check). To complete your application it is also mandatory that you carefully read, complete and upload in the dedicated section the 'Bocconi Residence Regulations' document (available in the application and at this link) and the ‘Covid-19: Responsible behaviors declaration’(available in the application and at this link).

The 'Bocconi Residence Regulations' document should be uploaded duly completed in all its parts. Documents missing the last page will not be taken into consideration. When filling in the document, the requested Student ID in the last page is the Bocconi ID Number/Matricola that has been sent to you by email as a username to access the online application; your signature should be handwritten and matching the signature on your passport. Typed signatures are not valid.

The ‘Covid-19: Responsible behaviors declaration’ too must be uploaded duly completed in all its parts. Please read it carefully and fill it in with your first and last name, date and handwritten signature.

As your housing application will be considered for the assignment from the moment you pay the deposit, we suggest that you first complete the payment and upload the Regulations document and the Covid-19 Responsible behaviors declaration afterwards. 

Please make sure that you pay the deposit and submit the Regulations document and the Covid-19 Responsible behaviors declaration duly filled out by the application deadline.

Your housing application will not be considered if:

  • you do not pay the deposit within the deadline;
  • you do not upload the Regulations document and the ‘Covid-19: Responsible behaviors declaration’completed as per the above instructions.

No late applications will be accepted.


Notification of the housing results is scheduled by November 18th, 2020. If, for any reasons, you are not assigned an accommodation by the beginning of the semester, the deposit will be refunded in cash upon your arrival in Milan. Detailed instructions on how to collect it will be provided by email in late January.

If assigned a room, students can move in to their Residence Hall beginning at 7.00am on January 21st, 2021. There is an extra charge for checking in before the beginning of the contract period and for late check outs. Please contact the Housing Office at ISD for further information. 

All accommodation solutions offered in the student residence halls can be booked on a semester basis only (September-December and February-May).

If assigned a room, you have to pay the rent in one solution, in advance, upon your arrival in Milan. 10€ will be added to the housing payment for the Residence Activity Fund. Detailed instructions on how to pay the rent will be provided in mid-December.

You apply as an individual and will be matched with roommate(s). You have the possibility to request a specific person you wish to live with. If you are both assigned a room in the same dorm, the Housing Office at ISD will work on your request, but note that we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together. Roommate requests should be sent to our office on November 18th, 2020. Any request received prior to this date or after this date will not be considered.


If you decide to cancel your housing reservation you must do so by December 16th, 2020 for Spring 2021. In this case, your deposit will be refunded in cash upon arrival in Milan. Detailed instructions on how to collect it will be provided by email in late January. If you cancel after the deadline your deposit will be kept as a penalty. 

If you cancel after the beginning of the housing contract your deposit will be kept as a penalty and you will have to pay for the days the room is reserved in your name (daily rate for less than 10 days, monthly rate for more than 10 days). A cancellation is considered official from:

  • the moment you notify our Office (if you never checked in to the Residence Hall)
  • the moment you check out from the Residence Hall (if you collected your key and checked in)

Completing the check out procedures means informing the dorm management, returning the key/s of your room to the dorm reception and removing all your belongings from the room. Bocconi cannot be held responsible for any items left in the room and for their removal. If you do not check out properly you will still be considered a resident and you will still have to pay for your stay.

To cancel your reservation you must send an email to: housing.isd@unibocconi.it


If you are not assigned a room and you are in the waiting list, you are not required to cancel your housing application otherwise you will not be considered for future vacancies. If you are not assigned a room by the beginning of the semester or if you cancel your reservation by the cancellation deadline, your deposit will be automatically refunded in cash upon arrival in Milan. Detailed instructions on how to collect it will be provided by email in late January.

If, at the end of your Housing Contract, no damages are caused to the room and you do not have outstanding payments, you will have your deposit refunded in cash before your departure. Detailed instructions on how to collect the deposit will be provided by email in early May.

In case of withdrawal from Bocconi exchange program the deposit will be entirely refunded. To collect further details please contact the email account below.

For any further information please write to: housing.isd@unibocconi.it

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