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Exchange students are allowed to take exams during the available official exam sessions, within their exchange period and on Bocconi premises only. Students who sit and pass all the exams of their study plan during the first available exam session are free to leave the campus starting from the Earliest Departure Date. Check the Earliest Departure Date for this semester on the Academic Calendar. Students are entitled to sit and re-sit exams during the second exam session too. Re-sits are allowed only in case of failure.

Registration for each exam must be carried out by 4 working days prior to the exam date (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not included), through the yoU@B agenda, in order to have the grades registered. Exam dates and registration deadlines are available at this webpage.

Exams can be either oral or written; some courses might foresee mid-terms. More than one exam may be scheduled on the same day. Exam classrooms are posted on the student's yoU@B agenda usually one working day before the day of the exam.

Grades are assigned on a scale of 30/30:

  • 0 to 17: failing grades
  • 18 to 30: passing grades

Exams that are awarded a passing grade cannot be re-sat, while failed exams can be attempted again in the next available session within the exchange period.

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