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Free Mover Summer

Latest update June 4, 2020

Due to the current global situation and COVID-19 restrictions, Bocconi students are allowed to attend a Summer Program in Summer 2020 only if the course is offered in an online format. Summer Programs offered entirely or partially in the “traditional” in-presence format will not be authorized and courses will not be recognized.

Bocconi University has selected a number of partner schools from its international network which offer interesting and educationally valid Summer Programs.

The Free Mover Summer allows students to spend a short period abroad in the summer months (around 2-3 weeks) to attend a Summer Program and take a curricular course for which they can receive credit. The course can be registered in the academic career at Bocconi. Important note for Summer 2020: due to the current situations, students are allowed to attend online Summer Program only. The partner school must guarantee both remote instruction and remote exam.

Students wishing to attend a Summer Program in Summer 2020 will have to formally apply at Punto Blu starting from June 8, 2020 and no later than July 24, 2020. Check the section 'How to apply' for details.

Please note that:

  • The Free Mover Summer is not open to MSc students
  • International students or students with dual citizenship cannot get receive credit for attending Summer Programs in the countries of which they hold current citizenship/s. 



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