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Showcase Assignment

The Showcase assignment challenges students to reflect analytically on their experiences on the CIVICA Engage Track and to present a critical evaluation of the stakes and solutions for a European challenge for which they have gained a sense of public responsibility during the Bachelor Degree Program.

Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible throughout the Showcase Assignment, this innovative learning methodology will allow to demonstrate their grasp of social engagement concepts while sharpening their communication skills.


Deliverable #1: Personal Analytical Reflection

Task: present an analytical reflection on your personal civic engagement journey throughout the CIVICA Engage Track and your bachelor degree program.

Format: short recorded video (max 3 mins) or written essay (max 2 pages) or slideshow video

What’s the purpose? Taking a moment to formally reflect on your experiences will allow you to become more aware of the main learning points, strengths and areas for development in your public citizenship path.

Deliverable #2: Spread the word


  • Choose a Public issue or Challenge
  • Choose an intended audience to be made aware of this issue or challenge and of its potential solutions
  • Convey the message: craft a short presentation/video/blog entry to convey your message to the intended audience

Format: short recorded video (max 3 mins) or written blog entry/journalistic entry (max 2 pages) or slideshow video (max 3 minutes) or any other digital communication tool you deem appropriate and in line with your target audience.

What’s the purpose? By sharing your advanced understanding and knowledge on specific issues and challenges, you can effectively contribute to society conveying principle of European public responsibility and raising awareness on key themes.


When should students work on the assignment?
During the third year of studies, after completing previous requirements of the track.

Is tutorship available? a dedicated tutor is available to support students with the Showcase Assignment, detailed instructions on how to book dedicated (distance) meetings will be shared via email with participants.

When should deliverables be submitted?
At least 1 month before graduation date

How should deliverables be submitted?
via email to civica@unibocconi.it

The Showcase Assignment will be assessed in terms of PASS/FAIL for both deliverables and will be validated by Professor Italo Colantone as Academic Director of the CIVICA Engage Track.

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