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Engage Courses for Bocconi Students

To complete the CIVICA Engage track Bocconi students must attend one of the following courses either during the second or third year of study:

130152  Public Management 

30193  Management of International and Supranational Organizations

130573  History of European Integration
130187 - Alternative Investments
130387 - Climate Change Economics
130458 - Strategic Decision Making and Markets
230056  European Economic Policy
230445  Sharing Economy and Smart Cities Management 
230606  Big Data and Innovation in International Public Service (not available for AY 23/24)
230439  Green Marketing

30444 - Public Management (Business Government Relations)


30378 - The Transformation of Cultural Sector and Art Market: Critical Issues and Cases


30571 - Fashion Collections and Sustainability

230564 - Economics and Politics of the European Union

30214 - Sustainable Operations Management 


30575 - Managing The Green Transition: The Role Of Utilities


30598 - Sustainability and Corporate Communication

Please note:

  • students are encouraged to personally verify that the preferred option fits within the requirements of each individual study program as per the instructions available in the guides to the university;

  • students who might face any difficulty or constraint in adding an Engage Course to their study plan are strongly encouraged to contact directly via email the Bocconi CIVICA team (civica@unibocconi.it) to evaluate the following alternatives to complete the Engage Track: Bachelor Thesis or Curricular Internships for credits registered in the Bocconi study plan
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