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Selection 2024-25

Selection is based on merit evaluation, taking into consideration the student's academic weighted average and the  number of credits pertaining to the 1st year study plan and 2nd year - 1st semester - study plan and registered up to February 3rd, 2024.

0,1 points (0,098 for CLEACC; 0,102 for BAI, BESS and BEMACS) will be attributed to every applicant from any Degree Program for each credit above the minimum number of credits required (60% of 1st year credits registered). These points will be added to the weighted credit average, calculated according to the above criteria.

Students can indicate up to 10 exchange destinations in order of preference. The Study Abroad office will elaborate the ranking, according to the above-mentioned criteria. Each student will be assigned to the first destination for which there are still places available among the ones s/he listed in her/his application in order of preference.

Please note:

  • Right after the selection results, you should confirm your term of departure. If there is not any different ruling by the host University, selected students can choose the semester of departure. In case of Universities with a limited number of slots per term, selected students with the higher score will have the priority in choosing the preferred term.
  • If applicants have equal final scores for a specific destination and there is one last slot available, the students' preferences linked to the destination will be used as criteria in order to set the ranking. In case of equal preferences, priority will be given to the student who applied earlier (considering hh:mm:ss).

Once selected, please check the to do list .

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