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Double Degree Undergraduate

NEWS: Don't miss the Online Presentation on September 10 at 16:50 for an overview on the program features, requirements, application timeline and study plan.
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Bocconi University and Peking University in Beijing (China) have sealed a partnership to offer the “Future Leaders International Double Degree Undergraduate Program”.

Peking University is ranked among the best universities in China. As a founding member, Bocconi has joined the global consortium of renewed universities offering this Double Degree Program, initiated by Guanghua School of Management and administered by Peking University’s Belt & Road Institute.

This Double Degree program with Peking University aims to select top undergraduate students enrolled in the Bocconi BSc in International Economics and Management (BIEM) who, after studying at Bocconi for the first two academic years, will study for two more academic years at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University in Beijing.  

The Program annually enrolls approximately 50 new students from both Mainland China and abroad, to study and live together for two years in Beijing. By studying in two different learning environments in Italy and China, this Double Degree offers a variety of experiences that allow students to challenge themselves and develop a multicultural understanding of an increasingly globalized world.

Participating students will attend the regular courses of the BSc in International Economics and Management at Bocconi for the first two academic years. During the third and fourth academic years at Guanghua School of Management, students will attend core and elective courses taught in English that introduce them to major topics in the field of China studies plus a Chinese language course that is compulsory for all international students.

Upon fulfilling the graduation requirements of both institutions, students will earn two degrees: the Bocconi Bachelor Degree in International Economics and Management as well as Peking’s Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management.


The admission process for the Double Degree Program with Peking University happens during the second year-first semester of the Bocconi BSc in International Economics and Management.

There are two steps of selection. The first one is directly managed by Bocconi University. Candidates who successfully pass the first step (between September and October) will proceed to the second step directly managed by Peking University (between November and December).

Selection Step 1 by Bocconi:

  • Online application: end of September
  • Interview: October
  • Selection results: by end of October

Selection Step 2 by Peking (for students who pass Step 1):

  • Online application: mid-October/early November
  • Interview: November
  • Selection results: second half of December
  • Students' confirmation: beginning of January (before Exchange Program rankings)

The above application timeline could slightly change according to Peking’s selection timing. Students can apply for both this Double Degree and the Exchange Program (check the application timeline for each program).

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