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CEMS MIM at Bocconi

Students interested in the CEMS Program must refer to the Admission Office in Bocconi for timeline and application.

Selected students opt for a study plan based on the academic offering at the partner school. The CEMS study plan will include extra activities, described in the following sections, which allow students to obtain both the Bocconi Graduate Degree and the CEMS MIM Diploma.


The study plan for the CEMS MIM is established by the academic partners and encompasses elements which integrate academic knowledge with on-field experience, bringing MIM students into the international job environment.

The Master lasts approximately one academic year (August/September to October of the following year). The study plan does not imply a fixed organisation of the different activities. However, students are required to successfully attend the courses in Italy and abroad throughout the year, provided that a minimum workload per semester is achieved (24 ECTS in CEMS activities).


Students selected for the CEMS program will not be required to pay any tuition fee to the host institution, but should confirm their participation by paying an administrative contribution of 2.000 Euro. This contribution is meant to cover costs for additional activities offered to CEMS students such as: dedicated courses, ad hoc counseling, business projects and all activities part of the programme. The contribution will not be returned (even in case the student does not complete the CEMS MIM). Students will continue to pay fees at Bocconi while abroad. Other expenses, such as insurance, board and lodging will be paid by the individual student.

The scholarships available to students are the following:

 Erasmus+ Scholarships;

"International Travel Integration Scholarships" and/or "Co-operation with Bocconi University Scholarships" made available by ISU. For rules and procedures and application, students should apply directly to ISU.


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