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Business Project

A business project consists in an in-field group project designed as real life learning experience for students.

The project, carried out during the second semester at the university the student is attending,  should be completed in approximately 2 months time under the supervision of both a company representative and a professor.

Business Projects reinforce the CEMS partnership between universities and companies in jointly shaping international management education.

Students are offered the opportunity to gain insight into business life, to train their capacities of analysis and problem solving, to apply research methods, to transfer theoretical knowledge to practicalities, to learn process management and to train social skills and competences. Furthermore they can get to know potential employers, come into contact with interesting persons and refine their professional goals.

They are expected to take responsibility for the project, to strive for the best possible results, to share the workload equally within the team, and to communicate well with their tutors.

The project results will be evaluated by both the academic and the corporate supervisor. Students shall provide a written report and an oral presentation, both as a group, as well as an individual process evaluation.

 For further information please visit: http://www.cems.org/

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