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Double Degree Graduate

The Program

The Double Degree program offers graduate students the possibility to spend the first year at Bocconi, acquiring core knowledge and skills, and the second year in another prestigious Partner School specializing in their field of interest. Provided that both institutions' academic requirements have been met, participants will be receiving a graduate degree both from Bocconi and the foreign institution.


The admission process for the Double Degree program happens during the first semester, while students are already enrolled in the first year of Bocconi MSc program.

  • Application: November/December
  • Selection results: end of January (ESS; M); end of February (other MSc's)
  • Students' confirmation: March (before Exchange Program rankings)

Additional information related to the application procedure, timing and deadlines are presented during the International Opportunities Presentation for enrolled Bocconi MSc students and available on You@B Agenda (International Relations section). Please note that students can apply both for Double Degree and Exchange (check the application timeline for each program).


  • Undegraduate degree with a minimum grade of 100/110 (Italian grading scale). N.B. students with a foreign Bachelor degree need to have their final grade converted into the Italian system. If the grade is slightly below 100/110, applications may still be considered for evaluation by the Selection Committee;
  • English language proficiency: Bachelor degree entirely taught in English; or C1 level through International Certification; or Bachelor Bocconi language exam (exit level: C1) or, for some destinations*, enrollment in a Bocconi MSc entirely taught in English. 
  • Specific partner school requirements (eg. GMAT/GRE; minimum IELTS threshold; knowledge of a second foreign language) mentioned in the Partner School factsheet (available in Opportunities Details – Restricted Area).

*check the destinations that accept the enrollment in a Bocconi MSc entirely taught in English as a valid proof of English language proficiency inside the Restricted Area — Double Degree Graduate.

Selection Criteria

  • Outstanding Profile and academic curriculum
  • Motivation for the program and the destinations

Each applicant will be assigned an Overall Score based on Bachelor Degree Final Grade (70% weight) and an Individual Assessment Score (30% weight).


  • The final decision on the admission is up to the Partner School for which the student has been selected.
  • Partner institutions may not accept Bocconi students holding a Bachelor degree issued in the same country of that institution; or applicants who were rejected for (or refused participation to) Graduate Programs offered by that institution; or nationals of the same country of the partner school.

Students selected for the Double Degree, in an European destination adhering to the Erasmus+ Program, are automatically eligible for the Erasmus+ scholarship. For further information, please check Erasmus+ scholarship dedicated webpage.

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Special Admission Programs
The admission to the following double degree program is separate and contextual to the admission to Bocconi:
> CHINA MiM (Graduate Double Degree with Fudan University, Shanghai). In accordance with the Academic Partners, due to the current international situation, the program has been suspended for the 2022-2023 academic year.
> DD ESSEC (Graduate Double Degree with ESSEC Business School, Cergy, France)
> DD LSE  (Graduate Double Degree with London School of Economics, London, UK) 
> DD Sciences Po (Graduate Double Degree with Sciences Po, Paris, France)
Additional information can be found under the Undergraduate and Graduate Level Programs area.
Ad hoc financial scheme applies to these programs.

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