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Environmental sustainability

a.y. 2021-22

Play your part for a GREEN Residence!

Bocconi University has always been committed to promoting GREEN culture and respecting the environment through projects and initiatives aimed at achieving objectives such as the correct waste disposal, the reduction of plastic and paper, the energy efficiency.

It is in your own interest, living in the residence:

To properly manage and dispose waste

In your room, in your apartment and in the common areas, do your best to correctly dispose waste.

In the city of Milan, the following 4 materials have to be recycled and therefore thrown away separately:

  • biowaste – brown bin
  • paper – white bin
  • glass – green bin
  • plastic and metals – yellow bags

There is also general waste – black bin

Please read carefully all the instructions about how to correctly dispose of waste on the AMSA website (the Milanese organization for environmental services).

Important! Electronic waste like laptop and smartphone components or other electronic appliances cannot be thrown in the general waste bin. Rather they need to be thrown away at the appropriate collection areas such as recycling centers or CAMs (Mobile Environmental Centers).

Reduce plastic and paper consumption

  • Try to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle,
  • Instead of plastic bottles, prefer the drinkable water dispenser available in the Residence and on campus,
  • Do not print unless strictly necessary,
  • Use recycled materials.

Pay attention to consumption

  • Turn off the lights when not needed,
  • Close the windows when the heating / air conditioning system is running,
  • Avoid wasting water.

Also, pay attention to the environments where you live. Your accommodation is your home, respect it!

  • Throw the rubbish in the appropriate bins and comply with the rules for recycling and differentiating waste disposal,
  • After using the kitchen or messing up any common areas, please clean everything, this is your responsibility!
  • Do not throw food or other materials in the sink,
  • Tidy up your room regularly,
  • Please do not damage the furniture: remember that other students will have your room assigned after you leave!

Attention! In the event that the accommodation is found in a situation of particular degrade, the Management and Bocconi University could make an extra cleaning whose cost will be charged on the responsible students. Also, in this case Bocconi University could give an “Official Warning” to the responsible student and, in case of repeated inappropriate behavior, the student will be expelled from the residence with loss of the security deposit and possible referral to the Disciplinary Committee.

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