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Contact persons

The contact persons for the resident students are the Residence Management, the Residence representatives and the Housing Office.

The Residence Management

All Bocconi Residence Halls are managed by external companies.

The accommodation agreement shall be exclusively between resident students and the Management of the Residence.

With regard to the agreement between Residence Management and residents, reference is made to the laws that regulate the agreements between hotel proprietors and their clientele.

Every Residence has a manager, who maintains constant contact with the Housing Office of Bocconi University.

The Residence Managers are the contact persons daily available in the Residence. They promptly manage any report/request for intervention, so to guarantee efficient services and a peaceful and safe stay to all the guests.

To submit a report and/or to request any maintenance intervention, please access the dedicated portal.

The Residence representatives

The residents of every Bocconi Residence Halls are given the right to elect two Residence representatives that will be their contact persons in the Residence and will manage their requests of use of the residents’ fund for free time activities.

The current Residence representatives, in charge until September 2021, are listed below:

Residence representatives
Chenoui Aicha
Iaia Angelo
Caccamo Luigi
Ghizzota Giuseppe
Pulvano Guelfi Chiara 
Tarybqy Saad
Buttarazzi Lorenzo
Morotti Marco
Assennato Cesare
Catalano Gabriele
Cicchetti David
Fadhel Achraf
Cardinale Manuel
Stella Francesco Saverio
D'Aponte Martina
Lefemine Riccardo

The election of the Residence representatives take place every year on the first Tuesday of October.

Below a summary of the main deadlines referred to the election of the Residence representatives.

Main deadlines

Submission of candidatures

By September, 20th

The complete list of candidates is sent to the Fees, Funding and Housing Office by the former residence representatives

September, 21st

Election of the Residence representatives

1st Tuesday of October

The Housing Office

The Housing Office is the Bocconi University office that deals with all administrative aspects related to the housing assignments (applications, assignments, withdrawals, payments, etc). The student residents can contact the Housing Center to report any cohabitation issues, to report any breach of the Bocconi Residence Regulations or to report any inefficient service provided by the Residence Management.

Check how to contact the Housing Office on the Contact us webpage.

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