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Housing FAQ

Is the reception open 24/7?

All Bocconi dorms have a reception that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where you can check in and pick up the keys to your room. A valid ID is required in order to pick up keys. At check out, after clearing your room of all your belongings, keys must be left at reception.

Is kitchenware provided in the kitchens?

Bocconi dorms are not equipped with plates, glasses and other kitchen supplies: you can bring them from home, but we suggest waiting until you move in so that you may share purchases or materials with your flatmates. There are supermarkets and other shops in the area around the dorms where you can purchase whatever you may need alone or with other students. All kitchens in the Bocconi dorms are equipped with an induction stove, so you may only use pots and pans with this symbol.

Can I cook in the dorm?

Yes, you can prepare your meals in the dorm. If you have a single room, you can use the shared kitchens, while if you have a room in an apartment, you can use the apartment’s kitchen, which is equipped with an induction stove, a refrigerator and a microwave.

Can I have guests?

If you want, you can invite outside guests to your room or apartment. The following rules must be complied with:

  • external guests may only be in the residence halls from 7:00am to midnight;
  • when an external guest arrives, the resident should be informed by phone and must come to the reception, where the guest’s full name and student ID number (for Bocconi students) must be recorded. If there are multiple guests, the resident must include the names of all guests in the logbook. The resident is also required to sign the logbook;
  • the external guest signs the logbook and must leave a valid ID (ID card, passport or driver’s license) at the reception, which can be picked up when leaving. Only then can the external guest enter the residence;
  • when leaving, the external guest must go to the reception to pick up his/her ID and sign the logbook;
  • external guests – like residents – are required to behave in a civil and respectful way, in particular by making sure not to disturb the flatmates or other residents;
  • the resident is always liable for any improper conduct or conduct in violation of the Regulations of the external guest. 

Is there a curfew?

There are no time restrictions regarding when guests can enter or exit the dorms. There are, however, restrictions for external guests, who may only stay until midnight.

Can packages be sent to/from the dorms?

Yes, but only after check in.

What should I do if I need maintenance work?

In the event maintenance work is required, you need to complete an online form accessible from the Services webpage. Management will process your request and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Are laundry rooms available?

Automatic washing machines and dryers are available in all dorms. Prices and how to use them are indicated in each laundry room in our dorms. Many washing machines have automatic soap dispensers, which facilitate use and also significantly reduce plastic detergent containers: they’re environmentally-friendly! Dorms do not have irons, however. There are many laundromats near the dorms that provide these services. 

How are weekly cleanings managed?

Rooms are cleaned as follows: bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected, shelves are dusted, beds are made and kitchens are cleaned and sanitized. The work of cleaning staff is essential to allow you to live in a clean environment so that you have more time to dedicate to your studies and hobbies. Please remember, however, that cleaning staff are not part of your family, so they will not tidy or remove your belongings: a messy room is hard to clean and does not allow cleaning staff to fully clean the bathroom and other common areas. To allow cleaning staff to thoroughly clean the various areas, all guests must: tidy their rooms, in particular making sure the floors and shelves are free from objects, remove any kitchen utensils from tables and shelves in the common areas, wash dishes, glasses and pots and pans used to heat or cook foods in a timely manner, not put food waste in the sinks to avoid clogging the drains, and keep the bathroom tidy, making sure objects or other materials are not washed down the drain. 

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