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15% Reduction on tuition for siblings attending Bocconi programs and the children of Bocconi and Egea employees

The Financial Aid - Key Information
15% reduction applied to siblings attending Bocconi programs and to the children of Bocconi/Egea employees. The reduction will be applied to the 2nd installment.

Students can benefit from further fee reductions through percentage reductions or evaluation of a special family situation:

1. Brothers, sisters, spouses attending Bocconi programs

Families with more than one child or married couples attending any of the Bocconi University Bachelor of Science programs, the Integrated Master of Arts in Law program, the four-year degree programs, or the Master of Science programs during the same academic year will receive a 15% reduction on tuition.

2. Children of Bocconi and Egea employees

Children who are financial dependents of Bocconi University and Egea employees (non-teaching staff with permanent contracts, tenured faculty members, faculty members with tenure track, lecturers) will receive a 15% reduction on tuition.

How to submit the request

Fees relief target applicants
Fees relief target non applicants
Upload the proper form (available in the attachments section) in the "Fees relief target application" in My Application
Send the proper form by email to fees@unibocconi.it, specifying the subject: "username 15%siblings" or "username 15%employees" 

Please note:

  • Requests must be submitted by the month of September by submitting the proper form, available in the attachments section.
  • The reduction is effective from the first year for which it is requested 
  • The reduction will be applied to the 2nd installment
  • In the case of re-enrollment (after a temporary interruption of studies), a retroactive 15% reduction on tuition is no longer available.
  • In case of brothers, sisters and spouses, if one of the enrolled students is fully or partially exempt from the payment of university tuition and fees, the other student is not entitled to make use of the 15% reduction on his/her tuition.
  • Fee reductions cannot be combined with other reductions or exemptions offered by Bocconi University.
  • Cases in which students have met the requirements for more than one fee reduction or exemption will result in assignment of the optimal financial aid.

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