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Loans for Specialized Master Programs

Students who have submitted an application for admission to a Specialized Master Program may apply for a loan.

For further information regarding application procedures and terms of agreement, click on the name of the bank/lender in the chart below.

Who can apply?

Italian citizens
Banca Sella
Intesa Sanpaolo


EU citizens
Intesa Sanpaolo
Prodigy Finance (Full-Time MBA only)


Extra-EU citizens
Prodigy Finance (Full-Time MBA only)


How to apply for a loan with Prodigy Finance:
Only European and non-European citizens (non-Italian citizens) attending Full-Time MBA program can apply with Prodigy Finance following the link in the chart above.

How to apply for a loan with a bank:

All students (excluding non-European citizens attending a Full-Time MBA program) may apply for a loan with an Italian bank.

The loan must be requested by the end of the month following the month in which the program begins.
Applications will be examined by the Bocconi Administration Office or the specific Master program office in order to verify admissions.

How to complete the application and accept the loan
After receiving approval for the loan application, students must complete their application and accept the loan by:
  • enrolling in the Master program
  • completing payment of the first installment (please note: this payment must be completed before the loan is allocated)

After completing the above operations, students can go to the chosen institute with the letter issued by the Master office for allocation of the loan.
The line of credit may be used freely by the student only after the payment of the balance of the Master program has been completed.

Student recipients of financial aid such as scholarships and full or partial exemptions may access loans only to cover the amount effectively sustained for the Master, net of the financial aid received.
Should they be assigned financial aid after the loan disbursement, Bocconi University will deposit the difference on the current account connected to the loan, in order to reduce the amount of the loan granted.

Approved loans for Master programs must be activated by the following dates:

  • loans approved before the beginning of the program: within two months of the start date of the program
  • loans approved after the beginning of the program: within two months of the approval date

PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of the disbursement approved, the student must make the payment to Bocconi University. Failure to do so will result in the revocation of the loan. Therefore, the payment for the Master program will not be made in different installments, but in one installment for the total amount upon receiving it from the lender. 


Non-Italian students
For non-Italian students, the University requires a guarantee signature from an individual or legal entity residing in Italy. 

Applications may be accepted without a guarantee signature if accompanied by a reference from parties to be verified by Bocconi University (please provide a company email address). In the latter case, the reference letter should be written on a letterhead of the Company/University/etc. where the referee works. The referee could be an ex-manager or professor and should be someone who knows the student professionally and who can make a general assessment of his/her qualities, characteristics, and capabilities.
International students may access a loan for an amount not greater than 60% of the cost of Master.

Master programs eligible for loans
To see the list of eligible Master programs, click on “Loan application form” and access the section “Complete Form”, then use the “Select Master” drop-down menu. This will include the list of Master programs active for loan applications.
A limited number of loans are available for each Master.




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