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AY 2020-2021

Bocconi is committed to making higher education available to all talented students through a financial aid system based on both merit and need.

Opportunities may vary from year to year based in part on the funds made available by donors to the university.

Please find below the funding opportunities available for AY 2020-2021. These opportunities offer a different kind of support to families and, in most cases, take into consideration the economic situation of students' families.

Please make sure you carefully verify the deadlines and methods for each kind of application as they may be different for 1st-year students and non-1st-year students.

Financial aid is usually assigned based on the family's economic condition and can be confirmed for the following years based on student's merit achievements measured in terms of credits. The Right to University Education financial aid is an exception to this rule as it has specific application requirements and applications must be submitted every year according to the rules for each academic year. Other exceptions are funding for students with disabilities and awards that take into consideration the student's academic achievements.

Every opportunity consists of a tuition waiver of a different percentage, based on the family's needs.

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Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Merit-Based Awards

> Bocconi Merit Awards (for 1st-year students AY 2020-2021)
> Bocconi International Awards (for 1st-year students AY 2020-2021)
> Excellence Awards (for 2nd year-students AY 2020-2021)

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