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Reduction for Second Bocconi Degree

A.Y. 2022-23

"Reduction for second Bocconi degree" in brief
The financial aid — Key information
Bachelor of Science and Law programs
Tuition and fees equal to the 2nd fees relief target
Master of Science programs
40% reduction on tuition

Bocconi University offers funding opportunities to students enrolled in a second Bocconi degree, of the same level.

The opportunity foresees:

in case of enrollment in a BSc or Integrated Master of Arts in Law: automatic assignment to the 2nd fees relief target, and therefore the exemption from submitting the fees relief target application.

in case of enrollment in a MSc program: the application of a 40% reduction on tuition, which is equal to the exemption from the payment of the 2nd tuition installment.

This opportunity cannot be combined with other reductions or exemptions offered by Bocconi University.

The provisions below constitute official publication of the regulation a.y. 2022-2023 for the benefit of "Reduction for second Bocconi degree" for students already graduated in Bocconi who enroll in academic year 2022-2023 for the achievement of a second Bocconi degree of the same level.

1. Eligible students

Students who have already graduated from Bocconi and who receive, from the Admissions Office, a positive result of admission to a second Bocconi degree for the a.y. 2022-23 are eligible for the reduction.

2. Deadlines and procedure

The benefit is automatically assigned by the Fees, Funding and Housing Office, after verification of the requirements. Students therefore do not have to submit a specific application.

3. Results

A specific result is not foreseen.

The benefit assigned for the academic year 2022-2023 will be included in the student's financial situation, which can be viewed at the Punto Blu (> administrative area> Fees, Funding and Housing) ONLY after the Fees, Funding and Housing Office has verified that the student is regularly enrolled in the first year or regularly enrolled in the year following the first to a.y. 2022-2023. For this reason, students who in the academic year 2022-2023 will be "enrolled with reserve" (or have enrollment subject to reserve) will not be able to view in the system the benefit assigned for the academic year 2022-2023.

4. Renewal

The assigned benefit will be automatically renewed for the entire legal duration of the program (BSc program, Integrated Master of Arts in Law, MSc program).

5. Revocation and loss of benefit

The assignment of the benefit will be revoked in the following case:

> verifications carried out by the Fees, Funding and Housing Office reveal false documentation and declarations made by the student for the assignment of the benefit: the revocation shall take effect starting from the moment in which the illicit behavior took place and shall entail the full payment (at the ordinary fees target) of due tuition and fees starting from the academic year in which the student benefited from the reduction following the false documentation and/or declarations (articles 71 and 75 of Italian D.P.R. 445/2000).

The student forfeits the benefit in case of withdrawal from studies or transfer to another university during the academic year.

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