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Campus Life offers many opportunities to improve your awareness of the relationship between mind and body and to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, thus achieving a psychophysical balance and all-around personal health.

Please, note! Each of the following courses requires a minimum number of participants in order to be activated.

Hara Yoga

A Hara Yoga course will be offered in collaboration with Bocconi Sport Team.

This practice draws on various areas of interest in Eastern tradition, offered as a valid tool for achieving psychophysical balance.

Placing oneself in harmony with the source of life energy located in the stomach (HARA), muscular strengthening and resistance are improved and joints are freed from states of excessive tensing and lack of flexibility.

The course offers a variety of useful and stimulating techniques. Each lesson will have different rhythms: energetic and focused (WASA), slower and more intense (KRIYA), purification exercises (DHAUTI) as well as keeping still in several positions (ASANA). The study and control of breathing (PRANAYAMA), our primary source of energy, is at the basis of each technique proposed.
As instructions will be given both in Italian and in English, this course is available also to English speakers.

Comfortable clothing should be worn. Each participant will need to bring their own yoga mat or towel.

A medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activities is required.

Bocconi signed an agreement to obtain a certificate at a special price with the following institutions:

Euromedica (€ 45). For further information please click here.

Humanitas (€ 50, cardiological visit included).
For information: 02.03009152, medicinalavoro@mc.humanitas.it

Instructor: Asahi Nicolò Cameroni

When: 7:15PM-8:45PM

6-13-27 October
3-10-17 November

Where: On campus (Campus Life Area, via Bocconi 12).

Participation fee: 30€ (24,59€+ VAT) (Bocconi Sport Team members can register at a special price. For information on the registration, please write to bocconisporteam@unibocconi.it)

Registration: Registration should be made by paying the participation fee through Bocconi University's online payment platform.

During the registration period, you will need to click on "Access as BOCCONI USER", select "Campus life" and choose the product "Hara Yoga".

The activity will be open also to Faculty and Staff Members, but priority will be given to students.


A short course, three online meetings to approach meditation practices and to help you improve your awareness of the relationship between mind and body.

Meditation (Samadhi) and Breathing (Pranayama) are intimately connected. Breathing into the belly, listening to and feeling the breath is the easiest way to harmoniously reconnect to our inner balance and restore the foundation for health. Meditation is based on a profound state of stillness that occurs by bringing attention to one's breath, which becomes a vehicle for developing an attention that is collected and focused on the reality in which we live. Both proposed practices are intrinsically connected.

The meetings will be online, via Zoom, in English and Italian with Asahi.


7-14-21 November, 7pm-8pm


7 November 7PM-8PM
MEDITATION: Understanding Your Breath
What is the first thing you did when you were born? You took a breath. In this lesson, we will study how much you can change your breathing, how it can affect your mood, tensions and stress, and how you can change them for the better.
14 November 7PM-8PM

MEDITATION: Awareness and Concentration
When you are fully committed to wanting a certain reality, it is said that you are completely immersed in it. In this lesson, we will study the basics through meditation practice and other methods, learning how to use effortless concentration to stay in the present moment without being disturbed by anything, finding roots when the wind of thoughts can sometimes lead us astray.

21 November, 7PM-8PM
MEDITATION: Discovering Centering and Rootedness
In the East, Hara is the name for the vital center that gives rise to everything and where everything returns. Anatomically it is your abdomen, energetically it is the location of your stability and a deep-rooted desire that allows us to make the most important decisions. Finding your own center means being stable and capable of being able to handle any imbalances we may encounter.

through yoU@B Diary (dates will be soon made available).

The activity is open also to Faculty and Staff Members, but priority will be given to students.

Healthy Habits

Starting from October 2021 Campus Life has organized a series of meetings on Healthy Habits with different experts: eating, sleeping, physical activity, drug addiction and sexuality. Additional information is available here.

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