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Skills and Self-Empowerment Courses

ay 2022-23

If you want to embark on a path of development or acquire life skills that will be useful for your integration into university and expand of your personal experience and relationships, you can register for one or more of our courses.
Here below you can find all details about courses taught in English.

Details and offer may be subject to change.

Please, note! Each of the following courses requires a minimum number of participants in order to be activated. 

First semester
Calendar and modality
How to register
Managing Ourselves: Deploying Mindfulness to Unlock Our Human Potential
29 September; 6-13 October

In presence
Aula N18
yoU@B Student Diary.

Registrations are open.

How to manage anxiety & stress
10-17-24 November


@B Student Diary

Registrations are open.

Study Skills
15-16-22 November


@B Student Diary

Registrations are open.

Learning Needs Help Desk
Every Thursday from September 8th
From 11am to 2pm

By appointment



Study Support and Skills Courses

How to manage anxiety & stress

Anxiety and stress are increasingly reported (30% of population in US), burdensome and costly to individuals and wider society. In addition to the profound negative impact on individual’s wellbeing and functioning, they are associated to worsened physical health.

The aim of the course is to illustrate the physiological and psychological mechanisms underlying stress episodes or anxiety disorders. The basics of the main evidence-based treatments will be illustrated, and practical hints to manage anxiety and stress will be provided.


10, 17, 24 November 

Lesson 1
Anxiety and stress: definition and underlying mechanism
Stress definition and models
Anxiety definition
Physiological underlying mechanims

Lesson 2
How to manage anxiety and stress: in theory
Psychological mechanism in Anxiety
Cognitive bias
Basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Lesson 3
How to manage anxiety and stress: in practice
A B C (E F ) model: examples from the course participants
Progressive muscle relaxation

Faculty for the course: Leonor Romero Lauro, MPsych, PhD Cognitive Neuroscience

How to register: Registration through yoU@B student Diary (various activity widget).

Study Skills

Improve your study skills and find your personal way of learning

The course is mainly addressed to international students.


Change is possible! Knowing yourself is the key to making the most of your resources and overcoming your flaws.  In this course, we will try to understand how we function as students and what study strategies we can adopt to increase our academic performance. We will address topics such as concentration, motivation, note-taking, memorization techniques and time management.

CoordinatorMilena Milani, psychologist and psychotherapist

Calendar: 15, 16 and 22 November at 6:30pm

How: in distance

How to register: Registration through yoU@B student Diary (various activity widget). 

Learning Needs Help Desk

Learning Differences at Bocconi University: Support for university students with learning disorders

Further information is available here.

Tips and info for a good start

13 September 2022 at 6pm

Aula Notari

In order to have a good start to your university experience, it's critical to have certain practical information and tools that will help you get organized academically in an efficient and focused way, enhance your study methods, and assist you in the development of rewarding interpersonal relationships.

In our workshop we will address these topics to help you begin this new chapter on a positive note, and with new ideas to reflect upon. We will also focus on the topics of adaptation and adjustment, not only from an academic standpoint, but also a cultural one.

Students will also have the opportunity to listen to student ambassadors who will share their own experience.

In collaboration with the team of counselors from Campus Life — Counseling, Self-Empowerment & Wellbeing

This meeting is particularly addressed to students who have attended a secondary school abroad or an international school (in Italy or abroad). Students who have attended an Italian secondary school in Italy are invited to attend the meeting on 8 September.

Registration required through yoU@B (various activities widget) from 30 August. This opportunity is dedicated to freshers.

Managing Ourselves: Deploying Mindfulness to Unlock Our Human Potential

The course, made up fo two self-contained modules, will be held by professor Robert Grant, emeritus professor of strategic management at Bocconi University.

Please check the dedicated webpage for all the details.

Other skills courses are offered to students enrolled in Master of Science programs only.
For additional details please check the webpage dedicated to the Enhancing Experience offered by Campus Life.

For further information on skills and self-empowerment courses taught in italian, please visit the italian site.

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