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If you want to embark on a path of development or acquire life skills that will be useful for your integration into university and expand of your personal experience and relationships, you can register for one or more of our courses.

What courses do I sign up to?

Business Writing only Graduate (in italian)

Personal Strategies and Decisions (in Italian and in English)

Body Language (in Italian and in English)

Study Methods and Time Management (in Italian)

Personal Performance (in Italian and in English)

Public Speaking (in Italian and in English)

Public Speaking and Story Telling — only Graduate (in Italian)

How can I sign up?

To register, you must complete an online form, which includes payment of a contribution that can be paid by credit card or debit card. There are no refunds if the registration is cancelled.
Select from the list one or more courses that you may be interested in and follow the suggested instructions.

Practical information:

Participation will be certified at the end of the course.

Where: Bocconi areas or classrooms
When: Both during fall and spring semester
Lasting: Lasting from 1 to 6 meetings




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