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Individual counseling

Individual Counseling aims to help students identify and resolve any dilemmas, struggles or stressful situations that may interfere with their academic progress and fully realizing their potential.

What we do:

Provide you with the opportunity to discuss any personal, interpersonal or academic issues you are encountering in your university career with a professional

  • Help you deal with anything you may be struggling with and support and develop your resources;
  • Identify suitable strategies to tackle any issues you may have and promote change;
  • Should the need arise, promote access to other services available, both public and private.

How we do it

The individual counseling service entails a series of meetings lasting from 30 to 60 minutes, to be arranged according to individual needs.

All meetings are completely confidential and free of charge.

The service is offered in English, Italian and French.

Make an appointment


  • You can send an email to counseling@unibocconi.it
  • For urgent matters you can call the number +39 02 5836 2083 Mondays through Fridays (10:30am-12:30pm and 2:30-4:30pm)


  • Appointments can be made between September and July each academic year, Mondays through Fridays, 9:00am-4:00pm.


After the reopening of the counseling area in the Javotte Residence Hall, it is now possible to held the individual meetings in presence. In addition counselors are also available through Microsoft "Teams", via video call or phone call, using a computer or mobile phone.

With whom:

A team of professional counselors who have collaborated with the University for several years and are familiar with the Bocconi environment.

Camille Annabelle Bertrand

Laura Lamonaca Rigobello

Giulia Rancati

Karen Rigatti

In Their Own Words ...

"I had trouble getting used to the Italian way of life. We made an action plan with real life exercises to deal with practical problems. 
The Counseling and Self-Empowerment Service helps international students integrating in both University and Italy. Whenever I am stuck and don't know what to do for my studies or my personal issues, I'll go to the 
Counseling Service to get my priorities on track. They help ask relevant questions that I can't think of and this is how the Counseling and Self-Empowerment Service helps me straighten  things out and make important decisions". Allison

"When I arrived on campus I felt a little lost: new life, new schedule, and lots of expectations and responsibilities. I wasn't at the top of the class anymore and I was starting to doubt my choices. When family and personal interferences were added to the mix, I sought help at the Counseling and Self-Empowerment Service. After a few meetings I learned how to reorganize my time and motivate myself. Everything got back into order and I could begin enjoying student life". Francesca

"At the beginning of the first year of my Master of Science I started feeling very confused and insecure, not only because of the exams and the new program, which I knew were going to be really hard, but also because I didn't have a clear perspective about what I was going to do in my future and what my work expectations were. I discovered the Counseling and Self-Empowerment Service on the Bocconi website and I immediately contacted them. Thanks to them, I received more than just help with my academic problems: I can say that it has represented a real turning point in many areas of my life. I learned a lot of ways and methods to better manage my anxiety and stress, the organization of my time and how to best face my interpersonal relationships, and in fact, my results during the MSc improved a lot compared to the undergrad as well as my relationship with my professors and colleagues". Logan


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