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Important advice*

Introduce yourself at the stands! 
Be ready to tell the company what you’re looking for and why. Be concise: talk about your studies, any professional experience you may have, your personal characteristics and your interests.

Ask questions! 
Bocconi&Jobs is an important moment to gather specific and punctual information on the companies, industries and functions you’re interested in.

Bring a few copies of your CV in Italian and English! 
Many companies will accept these during the event. Some employers may direct you to online applications, but it will still be an important opportunity to introduce yourself  and create contacts with the companies.

And the dress code? 
Your clothing style should be “business casual”, so you don’t need to wear a suit and tie or formal business attire, unless you’ll be doing an interview during the event: in that case, a more formal dress code is required. 

The preparation process begins long before the event! 
In fact, the Career Service offers initiatives throughout the year to prepare your access to the job market. Take advantage of these activities by coming prepared, motivated and with an effective application, increasing your opportunities for success. Check the calendar here.

*This page is referred to Bocconi&Jobs on campus editions. Hints and tips on Virtual Bocconi&Jobs participation are available in the event's dedicated web pages.

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