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Helpful information for internships abroad


You can find information on the various countries by consulting

  • International SOS for Bocconi Travellers
    available on the Student Diary youU@B, International SOS-General Information. Please read carefully the Student Travel Risk Policy before looking for and accepting an internship abroad. In the policy you can find a list of countries where internships in presence are currently strongly discouraged.
  • Country Guides: Working in...: access from the "e-learning with Blackboard" Bocconi platform (module: Career Service - 03 Materials Country Guides on the International Job Market).
  • One-to-One Advice on the International Job Market: access your yoU@B > Career Service > One-to-One Activities > International Job Market Advice


For any internship outside Italy you must, before departure, confirm that you have read a Hold Harmless document and state that you are aware of the fact that the University is unable to vouch for the safety or solvency of either the institution or the country in which you have freely decided to pursue an internship.
Before confirming the internship, it is mandatory to declare that you have examined this document by flagging "Internship Confirmation, prior authorization and printout of documents” in the section "My internships". For certain destinations you may be asked to sign an additional document; in this case you will be contacted by the Internships Office via Help&Contact.
In the event of omission of on-line confirmation and/or signature of the Hold Harmless document, the internship cannot be started.


For any internship pursued outside Italy you must personally ascertain, with the employer and the authorities of the host country, the suitable procedures for obtaining the appropriate visa, if required, and any other documents necessary for the internship experience to be carried out in full compliance with local laws.
All formalities regarding visas and other documents needed to enter the country concerned are responsibility of the student and of the host institution. Any responsibility on the part of the University in this respect is expressly excluded.

Should University documentation supporting the visa application be required, the selected candidate may refer to the Cert@B procedure for official certificates and to the Internships Office (via the Help & Contact procedure) for any ad hoc declarations.

For internships in the United States we point out that Bocconi University will provide support for contacting a J-1 visa sponsor after the host employer has initiated the process of activating the internship with the University. If the employer needs information on activation, advise it to consult our website.


Expenses for travel and lodging are borne by you (unless otherwise agreed with the host institution). It is your duty to see to all the travel formalities (airline bookings, passport, health insurance, etc.), as well as to the search for accommodation.
We advise you to proceed with purchase of your airline tickets and with the organization of the trip only when confirmation by the host institution has been received and the entry visa, if necessary, for the country concerned has been obtained.
We ask you to note that for certain countries, a flight reservation may be required at the end of the visa application; we suggest, for example, that you consult a travel agent about the possibility of making a “temporary reservation”.

As concerns health insurance, we point out that the University is party to two agreements that offer students and graduates residing in Italy reduced prices on travel policies. All relevant information is available in the box “Campus Life” of yoU@B Agenda.

We also point out that the University provides numerous grants for internships abroad. Before ruling out pursuing an internship experience because it is unpaid, consult the pages dedicated to scholarships.


Bocconi students participating in international programs offered by the University can benefit from the services of International SOS, which provides advice on medical, logistical, legal and safety matters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
International SOS is not an insurance firm and is not a substitute for personal medical insurance.
For further information access the dedicated section from this link.

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