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Internship and admission to the master of science programs

Bocconi applicants 2023/24 a.y.

Your internships credits can be included in the amount of credits required for the selection process of Bocconi applicants 2023/24 a.y., if recorded in the academic career by the following deadlines:
- by 31 July 2022 – 1st admission round
- by 30 April 2023 – 2nd admission round

For the correct activation and credit recognition of the internship, please refer to the following procedure:

1) the internship has to be properly activated before its start by the Internship office.
Check here the information for the activation of an internship in Italy or outside of Italy.
ATTENTION: it’s not possible to recognize internships communicated to the Internship office once they have started or ended;

2) the internship must meet all requirements of a curricular internship for credits and must have received the advance authorization for credit recognition;

3) the internship must obtain the final credit recognition and must be recorded in the academic career by the aforementioned deadlines.

Timeline 1st round
In order to obtain the final credit recognition and the registration by July 31st 2022 the following conditions have to be met:

- the internship has ended not later than 22/07/2022 or has met the minimum duration required for curricular recognition on 22/07/2022 (for internships ending after that deadline*);

- by 22/07/2022, the final evaluation forms (available 10 days before the end of the internship) have been filled out by the student and the company supervisor and, for those experiences activated through Bocconi’s documents, the Internship Agreement, signed by all parties, has been uploaded on JobGate.
Students are required to verify that their supervisor has filled out his/her final evaluation form on yoU@B > Internship CHECKLIST and, if not, urge the supervisor by the deadline;

- the internship must be included and passed in the study plan, in place of an elective course, according to the procedures provided for the study plan completion. For further details on changing your study plan, please contact the Academic Services via “B in touch” > Study plan > Study plan change.

The latest internship starting date to meet the 22/7/2022 deadline are:
• 8-week part time internship: 30/05/2022
• 6-week full time internship: 13/06/2022

ATTENTION: any suspensions occurring during the internship will be deducted from the total duration. If the suspension reduces the minimum duration, the internship must be extended to recover the minimum duration.

*The internship recognition process usually takes place only at the end. If an internship reaches the minimum duration but goes on after 22/07/2022 deadline, the student must expressly request the anticipated recognition via B in touch > Internship category, by 15/07/2022.

For those full-time internships started on 20/06/2022 that reach the minimum duration of 6 weeks on 29/07/2022 please send a message to the Internship office by B in touch>Internship category to check the timing for credit recognition.

For further information and details regarding selection see this page.

Timeline 2nd round
Timeline for internship credit recognition for the 2nd round of admission will be available soon.

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