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Bocconi Master of Science Admissions ranking

For the purposes of admissions ranking for a Master of Science program  Bocconi Applicants  Career Session 2022/23 a.y., the curricular internship* must be registered in the curriculum of studies by 30/04/2022

Such registration by the aforementioned date can occur only if the following conditions are met:

1) the internship has been properly activated before its start by the Internship Office and has received the advance authorization for credits;

2) by 15/04/2022, the advance recognition of the internship has been requested to the Internship Office via Help&Contact;

3) the internship has ended no later than 22/04/2022, or, if it will continue beyond this date, at 22/04/2022 the internship has reached the minimum duration required for curricular recognition;

4) by 22/04/2022, the final evaluation forms (which will be available 10 days before the end of the internship) have been filled out by the student and the company supervisor and, for those experiences activated through Bocconi’s documents, the Internship Agreement signed by the student, the Company and the University has been uploaded.

Students are requested to verify that their form has been properly filled out by the company’s tutor and, if not, to follow up in order to have it submitted - properly filled out - within the deadline.


The latest possible dates for starting an internship which will end by 22/04/2022 are:

  • internships of 8 weeks part time: 28/02/2022
  • internships of 6 weeks full time: 14/03/2021

Attention: any suspensions occurring during the internship will be deducted from the total duration thereof. Given the Easter holidays, it is recommended to always check any company closure with the employer.

For further information and details regarding selection criteria see this page:

*Please note: credits for additional curricular internships shall not contribute to the extra point in the Master of Science admissions ranking.

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