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Internship found through JobGate

To be able to talk about an internship, a written agreement governing the relations between the parties involved is required. Starting/activating an internship means drafting and signing this agreement.

The standard documents needed to start an internship are the "Progetto Formativo Individuale" or the "Convenzione Singola di Tirocinio" (for internships abroad, Internship Agreement). They are prepared by the University before the start of the internship and make it possible to provide guarantees (including insurance coverage) to all interested parties.

The procedure for activating the internship is carried out entirely online via the JobGate portal.
If you have found the internship by answering an offer published on JobGate, the employer will already be active on the portal and will simply need to register the information concerning your internship.

For information on the steps to follow to finalize the activation of an internship via documents prepared by the University, click here.

For additional information on how to activate an extracurricular internship with the new regulation on extracurricular internships, please click here.



For internships outside of Italy, it is possible that the host employer will offer you a contract. After evaluation by the Internships Office, the internship in question may be registered on the JobGate portal using that contract.

For information on the steps to follow to finalize the formalization of an internship through a foreign contract, click here.



If you have been selected for a research experience in a Department or Research Center of the University, you will need a specific document to activate the internship. This document will also be prepared online through the JobGate portal.

For information on the steps to follow to finalize the activation of a field research project, click here.

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