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POL Aptitudes and Jobs

Are you a Bocconi student or new graduate entering the job market, interested in exploring your aptitudes?

You can take part in POL interviews. Guided by a team of counselors, these talks allow you to complete a self-orientation process focusing on your choices: by exploring your personal aptitudes you will be able to establish a closer connection between aptitudes and professional projects.
Participating allows you to:

  • discover your strengths and use them to your fullest potential in the workplace environment
  • consider the areas you need to improve
  • feel more confident when approaching the selection process and workplace environment
  • make decisions about your profession with greater awareness

Have a look at these topics to become the leading player in your professional future

Criteria of choice

Before you focus on your aptitudes, it may be useful to take time to think about the criteria that play a role in our choices, whether or not we are aware of them: how much importance do we place/want to place on things we like? On things that others expect from us? On compensation?

Competencies and aptitudes

Neuroscientific research has shown that aptitudes represent our deep personal characteristics, and that they stabilize during the first twenty years of our lives. They differ from knowledge and competencies, which can be acquired throughout life through education and during work experience. For this reason, it is particularly important to explore your aptitudes.

Aptitudes and the job search

When you are approaching the job market, aptitudes play an essential role: which personal characteristics do the positions offered require? How can you personalize your application? And, especially during the job interview, how can you make sure your aptitudes emerge and how can you discern those required by that specific role and environment?

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