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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about POL


Q: Why participate in POL?
A: As a Bocconi student or new graduate, you will be able to acquire an approach to self-read your aptitudes in order to use them to your fullest potential starting with your first contact with the world of work.

Q: Why are aptitudes important at work?
A: A good self-awareness of personal characteristics helps you face the selection process and workplace environment with more self-confidence, and plan a search for a job that best matches your knowledge, competencies and personal interests.

Q: At the end of the POL session, will I be given advice on the specific professional roles and sectors most in line with my personal characteristics?
A: Counselors will help you read your aptitudes starting from your experiences and give you some examples of workplaces and professional activities: it will be up to you to apply the POL model to your interests, your competencies and the knowledge of the job market. To do so, the other Employment Guidance initiatives provided by the Career Service, which complement POL, may be helpful.

Q: How are POL sessions organized?
A: Each POL session is divided into two different moments: a group work, from 9 to about 10:15am, and a self-orientation individual interview that lasts approximately 2 hours and can take place at 10:30am or 1:30pm according to availabilities upon registration.

Q: Can I do the group work and the individual interview on two different days?
A: No. The two activities are complementary and closely connected; they have to be held by the same counselors with only a short interval between them.

Q: Who are the counselors?
A: University staff, HR professionals from the corporate world and consultants.

Q: Who can take part in POL?
A: All students enrolled in a degree program at Bocconi University, and recent graduates.

Q: Is it better to take part in POL during the Bachelor of Science or the Master of Science program?
A: We suggest that you participate when you are starting to plan your professional path, for example before an internship or at the end of your academic career. We advise you not to take part too early in your studies; wait at least until after the first two years of a Bachelor of Science program.

Q: Can I take part in POL more than once?
A: No: there is no need. POL aims to provide you with a key to explore your aptitudes; once you have acquired the model, there is no point in repeating the same process.

Q: Do I have to bring my CV with me?
A: No. As it is an aptitude orientation interview, you will explore your personal characteristics and not your knowledge/competencies.

Q: Required dress code?
A: It is not a job interview, but a conversation with HR professionals and University staff members; choose an outfit you feel comfortable in.

Q: If I cancel my registration for a date, can I register for a later session?
A: Yes. A cancellation does not prevent the opportunity to register for another date, but, for organizational reasons, please inform us of your unavailability as soon as possible. In case of no-shows without advance notice, the Aptitude Orientation office may decide whether or not to accept a second request to participate.

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