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Services For Students With Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability you can make use of several services that the University makes available:

Housing Service 
52 rooms at the Bocconi Residences are furnished to host students with disabilities; in addition if you have disability greater than 66% you will have priority in the assignment of housing compared to other students

Tuition and Fees  
if you have a disability greater than 66% you are exempt from paying tuition for variable periods of time according to the degree program chosen. For more information, consult the section of the website dedicated to financial aid at the link www.unibocconi.eu/assistance

Library staff is available to ensure that all available resources are accessible to everyone. If you have specific needs, you can contact Library staff by writing to the email address libsecr@unibocconi.it or calling the number 02 5836 5102

If you are a student with a vision disability at the Library’s automation service there is a targeted work station available. With this you can define the size, contrast and color combination of text, as well as listen to a vocal reading of text in Italian or English. Using this work station you can also dictate and produce electronic texts

Career Guidance – through the DAL service, the Career Service offers dedicated support to place you in the professional world. DAL organizes advisory meetings and personalized initiatives, monitors the progress of candidates in order to effectively place them in companies and offers constant support to the companies themselves. For more information you can contact DAL by email at DAL@unibocconi.it or by calling the number 02 5836 2498

Bocconi also participates in the C.A.L.D Job platform (Coordination of Lombardy Universities for Disabilities), a large circuit which offers a number of internship and placement opportunities and which guarantees a continuous update on events in the area.


For any problems, you can also refer to Prof. Elio Borgonovi, who is the Rector’s Delegate for these issues. His duties include:
> monitoring the achievement of the objective of guarantee, of the right to university education and integration both efficiently and effectively of services activated for these purposes
> adopting and supporting all activities which are aimed at the integration of students with disabilities.

You can contact Prof. Borgonovi by writing to elio.borgonovi@unibocconi.it or by calling the number 02 5836 6113.

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